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A killing toothache experience led me to extract 4 of my teeth on the same day, excruciating pain but the best decision I could have made to keep me alive. Teeth, tiny as they are can ruin your entire day when they bring trouble. Have you experienced this too? In this post, I’m sharing my story and some healthy teeth tips by US renowned dentist Dr. Steven Freeman. Surprisingly, this dentist says chewing gum is good for your teeth. Smiling at you with my 28…your girl doesn’t have 32 any more. LOL Enjoy this!

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7 Reasons Why Gospel Artists Are the Real MVP’s

gospel artists

Gospel Artists are the GOAT, it takes a whole lot to be a successful gospel artist in our part of the world. From getting recording contracts to building a brand, it’s not a joking sturv. Do you know some people think it’s wrong for a gospel artist to charge a fee? Let’s chat about this and more in this post and let me know who your favourite gospel artists are.

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The Best Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria and Abroad + My Tested and Trusted Favorites

Best Online shopping sites in Nigeria and Abroad

Best Online shopping sites in Nigeria and Abroad The following content includes affiliate links and/or gifted products (*). Read my disclosure policy for more info Whether we like it or not, Online shopping or E commerce is here to stay! The world evolves each day and with every passing day, more physical stores are closing up and maintaining […]

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