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As a mom of two kids (boy and girl), I finally feel qualified to write this post. Over the last 2 years, I have had people ask me a plethora of questions on what to get their baby and baby products I swear by. So in this blog post, I have done a round up of 10 baby must-have items which don’t include the basic things like bottles, diapers, onesies and sleepsuits.

So these are some of the baby must-haves I think you need in the first months of your child’s life.

baby must-have items lqueenwrites.com


1. Baby carrier

If you are a superwoman with strong arms or you want to carry your baby in your hands every single time you take a short stroll, then you might not bother to get this. However, I personally advise that Moms should have a very good quality carrier. I use this one by Evenflo and I find that its strong and durable. You can get it in different colors.

baby must-have items lqueenwrites.com

  1. Diaper Bag

For me, I like a diaper bag that is leather, strong and multi-purpose in nature. Something that would compliment any outfit, so this time I bought a black one as against the brown and pink one I got during my first pregnancy. This one is a highly recommended baby must-have because it can contain all your baby essentials on the go and it is easy to carry around. I also like the backpack style ones, I’m going to get this one for summer.

  1. Breast Pump

Breast pumps are life-savers! I recommend anyone from Medela although they are a bit pricey however they are very good. You can choose between a manual or electronic one your insurance might cover it so you should ask what brands they cover.  I use this manual one because I like to have something handy I could easily use and its a lot cheaper too…LOL

Haakaa is an amazing product! You know that annoying thing that happens when you are breastfeeding on one breast and the other breast is flowing down getting your clothes stained? With Haakaa, you just need to put the suction pump on the other breast and it saves your milk from dripping to waste. You should totally get this, it’s handy and easy to clean.

baby must-have items lqueenwrites.com

  1. Breast milk storage bags and nursing pads

This is totally a baby must-have. It’s easier to store up your milk in batches and date them in these bags. They usually come in a pack of 50 so you can use them for quite a while depending on your milk supply level. I recommend this one. Another very essential thing is breast pads, they save you from milk spill embarrassments on your clothes especially in public, no one wants that. BUY a nipple cream! Avoid the torture of breastfeeding without one

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  1. Gas Drops and Pain relief drops

Babies have a lot of gas, although not all babies have difficulties in passing gas, a lot of babies experience it. My daughter used to cry a lot when she had to pass gas in the first few weeks so I recommend this very effective gas drop. Another baby must-have is the Infant Tylenol and Vitamin D drops. You need the Tylenol for vaccination days and the vitamin D drops for the first 90 days especially for breastfed babies.

baby must-haves items lqueenwrites.com

  1. Thermometer

During my first pregnancy, I didn’t buy this but this time having a baby in a totally different climate getting a thermometer was worth it. I would recommend this for you to check your baby’s temperature from time to time. A temp above 100 degrees Fahrenheit is not ideal for a baby under 2 months so you should always check your baby’s temperature often, especially during the first 8 weeks. A thermometer is definitely a baby must-have


  1. Nasal Drops and Suction

It is normal for babies to have nasal congestions and colds, but because they are still so small its difficult for them to breathe well with a clogged nose. I use this Salinex nasal drops to soften my baby’s stuffy nose and I use this nasal suction to clear it out afterwards. Y’all remember that our grandmothers used to suck out the mucus with their mouth…hahaha. GROSS right?


  1. Pacifiers

Getting my daughter to take her pacifier has been a struggle but sometimes she does and it works out great for everyone when she does…LOL. Whew! Chile…

I recommend this one because it is orthodontic approved by a pediatric dentist so you should definitely add this to your baby must-haves list.

baby must-have items lqueenwrites.com


  1. Stroller and Car Seat

This is one baby must-have that you really need. I use my stroller when I go grocery shopping or for a stroll when the weather is fair outside. I recommend this one by Evenflo, its perfect because it comes with a car seat and it is worth every cent. You want your baby to be safe and secure while you drive through town so a car seat is a must! Hospitals won’t even release you to go home after delivery without it. You can also find some cheaper alternatives here


  1. Diaper Creams

I recommend using a diaper cream for your baby to avoid diaper rashes and irritation. I personally use a lot of shea butter, however, a nurse informed me that Calmoseptine is a great diaper cream to get for your babies bottoms. It keeps the babies bottom smooth and free of rashes or irritation.


So there you have it lovelies, these are some baby must-haves I know you might not have added to your list so definitely get your baby these things. Let me know your own baby must-haves you would recommend to a new mom in the comments, please.


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