black couple wife material qualities

Finding someone to love is one thing, finding someone to spend forever with is on a whole different level. One of the most important decisions a man would ever make is that of a life-long partner which is why there are certain vital qualities a man wants to know you possess before he commits to forever with you.


Although, not all men have the same expectations because different strokes for different folks but they sure have common things they look out for in the potential wife and whether we notice it or not they just calmly observe our actions trying to see if we fit into that perfect picture they have for “the one”. So how many yards of wife material do you currently have?


These 20 tips on wife material qualities are just what you need, they are very relatable and straightforward, they would have him falling deeply in love with you! In no time, Y’all would be booking that “Take me home to Mama” flight!


Let’s get into it!



  1. Show Him That He is Needed

A man wants to know that you actually need him in your life, that you value his presence and his time with you. It’s easy to get caught up with our personal lives especially as career or business women but a man wants to see how willing you are to make sacrifices to nurture and grow your relationship together.

black couple wife material qualities

  1. Be Classy and Cute

Men are very visual beings, they pride themselves in having a beautiful woman in their lives. They get remarkably thrilled when you walk into a room and other men are drooling over you. So it’s important to play that part well, nothing exudes confidence more than dressing right for each occasion and looking really good. Take extra time with the hair, makeup, nails, shoes and all of that. Looking good also kinda boosts your self-confidence and that in itself is sexy.


  1. Be There for Him when the going gets tough

One of the things we as humans desire is having people who would stand by us regardless of the ugly situation life dishes us. A man wants to know that on days when his life sucks, you would be there by his side to encourage him and cheer him on. That you will stick with him and not criticize him for his failures.

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17 Intellectually Sound

A man likes a woman who is very vast and well-read, someone who can contribute significantly to a myriad of topics without uttering garbage. Men like women who can hold a conversation and get along with different kinds of people. A woman who is not easily intimidated but can stand and address an entire crowd with her inner Michelle Obama fire. That just makes them really proud and happy to be around you.


16 Independent

Another wife material quality men like is a woman who can hold her own. Not a needy person who they have to baby around all the time. Someone who can willingly pay the check for the occasional date night without askin himg, someone who can do things on her own without appearing weak. It’s important to show a man from the start that you have a mind of your own and that although you love him, you are not a yes-man who agrees to with every single idea he initiates.


15 Be Kind

A man likes a woman who is kind, polite and treats others with courtesy. So it’s important to show him the tender and tolerant part of you when you are out and meet all kinds of dramatic and annoying people. Show him that you can keep your cool and be nice regardless of the bad energy someone else is dishing out on a beautiful afternoon or evening date.


  1. Be Playful and Spontaneous

Most men don’t like women that are uptight, those who can’t get water in their hair, can’t take a light-hearted joke, can’t get their living room throw-pillows on the ground etc. A  man wants a woman who is playful and fun to be with, someone who can throw on shorts and a tank top and is ready to hit the road in five. Men usually have a playful side to them, so having a woman they can get into their fun side with is usually refreshing for them.


  1. Trust

With love comes trust, a man wants to know that you believe his words when he is there and when he is not. Regardless of the heartbreak or painful experiences of the past, it’s always important to have some level of trust in your man and to make it obvious that you believe him.


  1. Listen

Most times in relationships, women tend to do more of the talking. We like to tell stories and share gists about what went down during our work hours or hang-out with friends etc. However, it’s very important to also listen to your man talk without interrupting, just the fun of seeing him smile while he explains a funny scenario or experience he had. A man likes to see you interested in what he has to say and this particular thing ranks high on their list of what they look out for in a potential wife.


  1. Forgive Completely

As women, it’s really easy to keep a record of offences and hold some kind of resentment in our minds but men really like it when we forgive completely. They want to know that we truly accept their apology. That we are willing to move past the offences, that we won’t be mentioning it over and over again.

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  1. Show Concern for his Family

Men like it when you are concerned about their family, you might not have been officially introduced to them but asking after their well-being from time to time shows that you actually value family ties and you would show love to his family when you become the wife!

9. Surprise Him

Men love surprises too, so it’s always a delight for them to know that you planned something special without their knowledge.

It could be a surprise dinner, a surprise gift delivered to his sanatorium like a beard treatment, face masks, an unexpected box of chocolate accompanied with a love note, a well-made home cooked meal or a surprise makeover. The time and effort you put into it would not go to waste because he will cherish those memories for a long time and that would definitely score you some high points on the wife material scorecard.


  1. Pray for Him

Most men like a woman who has a spiritual side to her and they usually find it gratifying to know that you pray for them and wish them well. Let him know that you wish him well and that you want his plans for the future to come to fruition.WHAT A MAN WANTS TO KNOW BEFORE COMMITTING TO YOU

  1. Spend Time Together

It’s really not about the amount of time you spend together but the quality of the time. So it’s important to plan dates, vacations and road trips from time to time. Make memories together and get to know each other more and more. A man loves to share special moments in his life and create memories with the woman he loves. Making yourself available, planning and capturing these things together is also a sign that you truly love him and that you want to be with him forever.


  1. Get Along with his Friends

Most guys have a group of friends that they hang out with from time to time, so he’ll love it if you can get along with the guys and enjoy group dates with them. Play, laugh, share and just show the fun side of you to his friends because he would most likely be getting feedback from them on how special you are. That makes him certain you really are a keeper.

Even after he has asked you out, there are some wife material qualities a man wants to know you possess...See if you've got any of these 20

  1. Apologise when you are wrong

One turn off for men is having a woman who believes she is always in the right, so being able to own up to your faults and sincerely apologizing is important. Let him know that you realize you messed up and that you are willing to make it up.


  1. Appreciate his Gifts

No matter how small or insignificant a gift is, show appreciation. Don’t be that woman who always expects the man to spend a fortune, the sweet little things count also. Sometimes the man wants to see that you love the giver more than the gift, so don’t be too fixated on the quality of the gift that you totally ignore the giver and the heartfelt intentions behind it.


  1. Give him space

One of the great things about good marriages is that both partners still keep their individuality, so a man is looking out to see that if he marries you, you won’t be all up in his face the whole time. He wants to know that he can still spend some alone time or go out with the guys without having to explain himself to you or feeling guilty about it.

It’s also important to spend some time on your own and enjoy yourself in your own space like they usually say absence makes the heart grow fonder.


  1. Support his vision

Most men in their twenties and thirties are still trying to shape their future, making plans, building structures and forming ideas that could become something big in the future. A man wants to know that you support his vision and that you see potential in him. So as much as you can, give suggestions, ask about his progress, allow him to brag about his success so far and cheer him on as he forges ahead.

1. Love him

To love someone is to accept them for who they are, without trying to change them to fit our imaginations. A man wants to know that you like him just the way he is and you don’t have any unrealistic expectations. Be patient with him, be understanding, be kind and above all respect him.

I believe that having some or all of these traits or qualities are capable of making a non-committal guy get his act together and see why he needs you in his life. However, I also think that some of these traits make you a better woman character-wise not just to please a man or keep your relationship but for you as an individual. All the best Ladies!



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