Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof!

I can smell 2014, can you smell it too? We thank the good God who has spared our lives to see the last days of the year 2013.

2013 is going, going… soon to be gone forever. I know quite a number of us have achieved some things this year, some graduated this year, some got married this year, some had babies this year, some bagged higher degrees this year,some found love this year…All in all one good thing or the other has happened in each person’s life this year.
So what’s your story? Was there any occurrence that marked a turning point in your life?
Was it a good one or a bad one?
If 2013 didn’t bring you ‘the one’, it must have taught you not to settle for less!
If your dreams didn’t come to reality in 2013, the year must have taught you to add more passion and zeal to make it happen.

If 2013 brought you heartbreak, you must have learnt that the best lover you could ever have is God/yourself.

If 2013 caused you pain or the loss of a loved one, it must have taught you how to birth inner strength to carry on…

No matter how good/bad your experiences in 2013 might have been,the beauty of it is that you have learnt lessons and with each tear you have become a stronger person.

I want to use this medium to thank all those who made my 2013 amazing…God almighty, my family, my lover, all my friends around the world, my colleagues at work, my manager, my amazing readers and most especially YOU!

I also want to give awards/recognition to my top 3 readers of the year
Number 3 spot goes to Oluwaseunfunmi Abiodun
Number 2 spot goes to Eesemoore aka Isemho
And the Number 1 spot goes to Ayo aka AyuzeKable.

Thank you for always reading and dropping comments please contact me for your gifts…
Thank you all for being amazing readers/supporters…
We’ll all do better in 2014…

Believe that all your dreams for the new year can come true…put your heart to it and never forget to talk to the one who can help you make it happen…GOD

I wish you all a remarkable 2014!!

See you in the new year!



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Thanks alot.

Tolulope L’queen Lemikan

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