Why I started Girl Talk with L’queen

Girl talk with L'queen
Girl talk with L’queen

As pictures and videos of our Girl Talk with L’queen event went viral, I have gotten countless calls, messages, invitations to speak, collaboration requests and a whole lot of feedback from people. I’m grateful to God and I really appreciate all the love.

Girl talk
Girl talk

For the first time ever, I would openly share what exactly brought about this initiative. As far back as 9 years ago, I knew I would be doing something along this line but I had no clue what it would be like.
Girl talk with L'queen

8 years ago, I shared my vision with my friend and brother Barrister Eyitayo Ogunyemi. He really encouraged me but that was the last time I talked about it.
Girl talk with L'queen

Early last year I think late January to be precise, God reminded me of it again and I just pushed the thought of it away. Ah mean! I was heavily pregnant at the time and I just wasn’t ready to make any commitments to anything. Smh!

Mother in law like no other
Mother in law like no other

Towards the end of last year again, God placed it in my heart again and that point I started having dreams of it, it became very pressing in my heart. When I couldn’t handle it anymore I shared it with my husband and two of my mentors.


After much prayers, I decided to start with the girls. Choosing to start with girls first came as a result of some thinking and reflection I did about my life. How God miraculously saved me from rape at the age of 8 and so many encounters I had growing up, I can’t go into the details right now but some day soon I’ll talk explicitly about it.


I also thought to share my life, growing up experiences and relate the lessons I have learnt so far to them.

We talked about Purpose and Potential and we related it all to their academics, talents, skills,career, goals and determination. We also touched on social media, Internet, movies and dating.

IfeDolapo Olawumi a trained Educationist, talked about etiquettes, dressing, decency, rape and abuse.

Girl talk with L'queen
Taking notes

I have a team of supportive men and women (Ifedolapo Olawumi, Tope Arowosegbe, Mokwunye Olayinka, Eniola Olajide, Ajayi Tunde, Olubunmi Damilola) who supported me and apart from personal funds we got support from some indigenous brands(Kiki concepts, Bubu cakes & Int’l Sahar clothing) and caring fellow Nigerians who are also passionate about raising a more refined younger generation.


Thanks to you all those that supported us, we had gifts,souvenirs and refreshments.

We learnt a team song which we sang at intervals, the girls sang beautifully I was beyond impressed. We also had slogans we used all through the day, it was fun!

I rounded off the event with a short talk on the importance of savings and skill empowerment. I related to them a number of skills that can fetch clean money. I also reiterated the need to grow up in all areas and not just academically.


Based on our RSVP list, we were expecting just about 40 girls but in the end we had well over 60 attendees present. The boys also cried to me saying they felt bad that they were left out, we promised they would be carried along next time.


All in all it was an amazing experience, after the talk we spent extra time doing one on one counseling, the girls were able to express much more than they did during the question and answer segments.


It was truly a great day for me, I felt like it shouldn’t end. The smiles on their faces and the feedback I have gotten from some of them since that day has been heartwarming.

Like one of my mentors Pst Femi Oyetunde usually says, in the end it’s not all about you and how much money you make, it’s about how many lives you have touched positively.


We would be doing this more often by the grace of God, we have to continue doing something. We all can’t sit down and expect everything to get better, we must keep teaching our young ones to live right and grow up to be strong! We must encourage them to live a purpose driven and God-centered life. This is what the Program is all about.


If you would love to team up with us, support us (sponsorship or gift items) or invite us to a church or school Please call 07082162699 or 08082292673

Remember that for us it’s not about money, it’s about making a lasting impact!

You can also send a mail to L[email protected] for enquiries, invitations, sponsorship and collaborations.

Brought to you by INNOVATION TOD I65 in conjunction with LQUEENWRITES.COM

God bless us all.

May our footprints never be erased from the sands of time!



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  1. The impact of this program will remains for long in the lives of these girls. This program is well plan and directs at right audience at the right stage of their lives.
    Seyi-Daniel together with her team has really touched these youths. They will forever remain grateful to you.
    This is a great dream. I hope you will nurture it until you touch many more lives beyond this continent, Africa!
    Great job. Please keep it up!
    God bless you richly!

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for believing in this God given vision. I pray God uses us all to touch more lives positively with whatever project we lay our hands on.
      I really appreciate you sir, I won’t stop saying it. You are a great man! Thanks again


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