These days it always seems like the weekends have faster legs. You just close your eyes and open it and its the highly dreaded Monday already. The day most Nigerians love to hate, due to heavy traffic and the hustle and bustle that comes with Mondays. But ehn! we no geh choice o *in a Warri man’s voice*

I guess we all just have to deal with Mondays and every other thing that comes with it. I wrote a lil som’n som’n about Foibles today and I hope we can pick a thing or two from it.

Relationships are a very fundamental part of human life. Whether it is Family, Friendship, Lovers, Neighbors….they all have a way of affecting our everyday life. However, our relationships could also be the major cause of the issues we have in life. We all approach situations in different ways, we have different personalities, temperaments and ideologies about life in general, so from time to time we are bound to disagree with one another.

In my little life’s journey, I’ve learnt to deal with strife in the best ways possible. Sometimes it’s always so hard to understand some people but when it gets to a point where I can’t handle it I might just avoid the person or any form of confrontation whatsoever.

Overtime, I have come to discover that the fact that a person decides to do things differently from the way I do them, doesn’t mean that the person is wrong and I’m right. It only shows our differences. Many a times when we don’t understand someone else’s motives and personality, its easy to assume the worst about them.

In love relationships, two people come together to form a bond and as time goes on they take it to the next level and it becomes marriage. But for a relationship to last, we must realize that each person has their own fair share of strengths and weaknesses. We must learn to give each other a benefit of doubt. Learn to accept the other person’s weaknesses and if we can, we should be strong in place of their own weaknesses. Love is about complimenting each other, it’s a support system.

In other to enjoy a long-lasting relationship/marriage, there are so many things we might need to overlook. Every human being has foibles, so it is not wise to expect our lovers/friends to be perfect.

No matter how much you love a man/woman if you stay around him/her long enough, you will definitely have reasons to be offended by his/her actions from time to time.

There is no such thing as a perfect lover, friend, husband or wife….to me that is an illusion and we must face reality. We will not last together because we were never wrong, we will last together because when we were wrong, we found the invincible will to correct the wrong and the grace to endure whatever it took to survive together.

Although some people say a relationship/ marriage is to enjoyed and not endured. That’s right, but believe me there’s no true enjoyment without endurance. Even Gold passes through fire before it begins to enjoy the cool and comfort of a jewelry box or the show glass of a jewelry store. So sometimes you have to endure some things and tolerate the weaknesses of your significant other in order to really enjoy that relationship.

So far I’ve learnt that I should not put unrealistic expectations on people by believing they will never hurt me coz in the end I’ll be the one to get disappointed.

Love makes allowances for the faults of the other person….We should learn to accept people for who they are and try to co-exist peacefully with them.

I wish you a very successful week. Try and put a smile on someone’s face today.



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