I remember a particular night back in secondary school, my BFF (best female friend) and I were talking outside and all of a sudden, she looked up and said “ Wow! see the three wishing stars”. I didn’t really believe in it but since she insisted, I looked up and made a wish. Maybe my wish didn’t come true that Christmas because I didn’t believe in it, but her’s came true that year.

I know we all have wish lists and I have mine too but there’s one particular wish I really want to come true. Ten years after, it’s almost Christmas again and although it sounds crazy, I have been looking out for the three wishing stars since the beginning of December. I only pray they come out tonight so that I can make that special wish on my Christmas wish list.

Some contacts on my BBM have been writing letters to Santa since the beginning of December. If only I could have a sneak peek of those letters, I’m sure some of them will be 5 paged type set wish lists…lol.

Just like what 2chainz wanted for his birthday, one of my BBM contacts said he wants a big booty for Christmas…what a Christmas wish though. Another of my bbm contacts said he wants $ 1 billion dollars for Christmas. Anyway they say “different strokes for different folks”. Some wish for love, some wish for happiness, some want that particular blazer, dress, shoe, diamond, Ipad,Iphone, Blackberry etc.

When making all these wish lists, remember there’s a limit to what dear Santa can carry oh! Lol. We all have that one thing that we truly desire this season and it will mean so much to us if our wishes come to pass.

In the spirit of Christmas, I would encourage you not just to make wishes, but try and be the answer to someone’s prayer. Be the reason for the smile on someone’s face this season, make someone happy. One way you can find true happiness is by being the source of another’s happiness.

It could be your family; some of us have been away from home for so long. This is the time to show love to members of your own house-hold. It could be your kids or siblings; wrap the smallest gifts, it doesn’t have to be something expensive just something that can put a smile on their faces.

I gave my younger brother something he had always wanted last week Wednesday and ever since then he’ll always say ‘I have the best sister in the world’ that little gesture from me, meant so much to him.

It could be your husband/wife/lover, a lot of us have been extremely busy all year and this is the time to take him/her out and do something really sweet and romantic. Last week, I saw a friend of mine packaging a lovely Christmas gift for his lady and it looked so sweet. It could be a cake, chocolate box, wine, maybe a book or devotional for the next year. You can decide to take him/her out, maybe to the cinemas, to a quiet garden, to a musical concert, a special meal treat…the list goes on and on.

As for me, this Christmas I don’t just want to be blessed but I want to be a blessing. I want to be the source of someone’s happiness and above all to celebrate JESUS…the REASON for the SEASON. So tell me, what do you want for Christmas? Fill in the gap…ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS ________________________

May we live to see many more Christmas seasons.

Remember, it is more blessed to give than to receive. Don’t focus on your needs alone, think of people whose needs you can help meet.



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  1. Hey L’Queen! Am sooo sorry dis is comin Very late…nice write-up as usual…Quite simply,I wish to see you in 2013. 😀 Hav a lovely festive season.

  2. The true reason for Christmas is that a Son was born to be the Saviour of the world.One who would redeem us from all sins. There’s no better gift than this. We should as well endeavour to be a source of blessing to countless under privileged around us.
    Compliments of the season.

  3. Yeah right sis, last year I wished and of coz I prayed that I celebrate this christmas ’12 in my hubby’s home, and God did answer! I have made another wish ……******winks******and am sure God is listening. Love u lots sis, and I wished sth for u too….******


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