I’m So in Love with Jay X They thought it was just an April Fools Day Joke!

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I gave birth on the first of April last year to this wonderful baby boy, considering the fact that my bump was just a normal size and a whole lot of people never saw me pregnant, when my husband called to share the joyful news of my safe delivery some people said it was a lie (April Fools day joke) but you see there’s no April fools day or anything like that, my little Champ is one!

Jay is One
Jay is One
I ‘m filled with so much joy! I thank God for this little light he gave me!


? Jason Oluwatishe Osinachi Oluwaseyi-Daniel is ONE!! ??????
Being your mum has been awesome Jay! ??
I love your beautiful morning smiles and the way you cuddle up to me when you realize I would soon be leaving for work???
I love the fact that you are a strong baby boy!?
I love the way you lighten up when I ask you to clap your hands for Jesus ??
I love the way you say hello on the phone like a boss calling from the White house…. ??☎?
I love the way you dance whenever my phone rings ????
I love that you came on a bright Friday afternoon, the very day of the April Special Holy Ghost service for children tagged Little Lights ??? Jesus already made you a shinning light son!
I love the way you look like your father and your ears tingle when you laugh just like his own??
I love the way you hug me so tight with a pat at the back whenever I return from work… I wonder who thought you to pat your dad and I at the back. Even grandma and grandpa can testify!??

Happy birthday darling
Happy birthday darling

I love you my baby boy! Words are not enough..????
Thank you for brightening up my world,??? Thank you for being there to listen when I do some of my soliloquy episodes at home. I hope you grow up to know that your mama was praying all those times just that she has a weird habit of praying in front of the mirror??
It’s all because of you I’m now called Mummy Jay or Iya Tishe in the adugbo ???

I love Jesus even more for making me your Mama and I love your Papa too for loving you so much I’m thinking he’s a bit over protective ???

Little Champ
Little Champ

Happy birthday my darling son, I’ll love you forever and a day more ????

You would grow up right, you will grow up strong, you will grow up to be great, you’ll fulfill purpose, you’ll love the lord,you’ll please the lord and you will live a life of positive Impact in the matchless name of Jesus!


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  1. Happy birthday boy,Today is also my wedding day and I key into the anointing that brought you into this world to give me this wonderful testimony your mum gave also in 9month from now in Jesus name.
    Happy birthday Jay


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