Hey Lovelies!! I know! I have been away for too long and I’m sorry. However, this break was very necessary. I missed you guys too, thanks to everyone who sent messages and emails.

I hope 2018 has been good to you so far despite the preposterous realities that plague our country. Fuel scarcity, killings and violence here and there, the year sure started with a sour taste.

I am yet to recover from the distressing news of the Benue genocide.

It breaks my heart that some of the perpetrators/ brains behind that tragic occurrence are still moving about freely and enjoying life. I can’t help but ponder about the dashed hopes and dreams of the men, women and children that lost their lives in that incidence. Fresh into the new year, making plans, hoping and believing for a better tomorrow only to be killed/ set ablaze in their sleep.


Something more distressing is the reaction of the government to this whole incidence, the fact that this particular set of evil doers are yet to be declared terrorists beats my imagination. Howbeit that these people were still able to grant interviews on Television and with their several claims somewhat justifying the havoc they wrought?

I am very much appalled by the reactions of we the citizens as well, ah mean who wouldn’t?

If this occurrence had happened in other countries, we would have joined the bandwagon to put up hypocritical “Pray for Paris”, “Pray for Vegas” posts but when this disaster occurred right in our own country we paid little or no attention to it. How depressing is that?

To be honest, I think we even paid more attention to the advent of sex dolls than we did to the unjust mass killings of these innocent people in their local community. The whole thing just saddens my heart anytime my heart wanders and reminds me of that very traumatic incidence that pretty much ruined the year for some innocent people.

This isn’t something I would naturally write on but this just makes me wonder if we are really safe with some of the decisions our leaders have been making lately. Now how could anyone question people for trying to flee the country when some of their communities are not even safe enough to live in?

The open letter Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo wrote came timely because I had begun to wonder what this government is thinking for things to be this bad, almost three years down the line. Although I do not agree with all of its content, I agree that we do not need the same set of recycled leaders to continue holding the wheels of this nation.


I had great hopes in the promises they made while canvassing and campaigning for our votes back then despite all the warnings of the opposition party but moving forward are there really any cogent reasons to support this same government or any before them?


If the government can’t make our economy more stable, aren’t we entitled to safety at least? I watched countless videos of how the so-called people saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of citizens battered and assaulted several people including pregnant women. How devastating is that?


They are known for coming right after a crime has been committed, hardly do they get there before or during , most times its after. Then they crown it up by picking innocent people who were trying to help out the victims as the culprits. Good lord! It’s the same story all the time, when will they ever get it right?


Nigerians have prayed and prayed but would things not keep going bad if we all refuse to turn from these wicked ways and make things right by putting ourselves in the other man’s shoes? Stop the violence, the looting and the division that we all are trying to create amongst ourselves.


My heart goes out to all those bereaved from all the chaos so far this year, from Benue to Kaduna to Borno and even in other places, I can’t think of right now. Fire accidents, road accidents etc.


Let’s keep praying for this nation, the current state of things is worrisome. I hope things do not get worse than they already are.


Thanks for reading guys, I’m sure you would agree with some if not all of my concerns.


I promise to keep up with blog posts regardless of my schedule, no excuses in 2018.


Love Y’all…Stay safe


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