When Biodun met Isioma, he knew she was someone he’ll have in his life for a long time, if not forever. Biodun did all the sweet little things every girl dreams of for her. Let’s just say Isioma loved him sha…. Ok let’s get to the matter.

Biodun travelled out of the country and on his arrival, he bought so many things for Isioma: shoes, jewelries, chocolate…I could go on and on. Isioma went to pick him from the airport and on their way back, she drove into the nearest TOTAL filling station to fill the fuel tank. After the tank was filled, she was supposed to pay but instead she asked Biodun who was just returning to bring out money.

“Ahn, ahn Babe”, Biodun exclaimed. ‘Can’t you even pay for this one as a special gift to me on my arrival?” he added. Isioma gave him a very angry stare and paid to avoid arguments. On getting home, Isioma didn’t even allow Biodun settle down before asking him to refund the fuel money. Biodun felt bad that she kept asking for that money but in order for peace to reign and to restore a smile back on her face, he transferred the money to her account. The frown on her face melted into a smile instantly.

On this fateful day, Biodun needed to visit the mall to shop for a birthday gift for his sister. He asked Isioma to accompany him. At the mall, they were able to pick a beautiful blue dress, a hot red pair of stilettos and matching accessories. All these were picked with the help of Isioma but she also kept picking things for herself.

Biodun moved ahead while Isioma was still marveling at the beautiful shoes in one of the stores. He paid for all that he bought for his sister and came back to meet her. Isioma, not aware that Biodun had paid for his own things, handed him her own paper bag containing the things she had picked to hold and of course loving Biodun collected it.

On getting to the payment point, Isioma held out the two paper bags to the cashier but Biodun quickly collected his and told her that he had paid. Again, Isioma’s happy face freezed into frown. ‘Baby so you won’t pay for my own abi?’ she quizzed. She should have known he wouldn’t coz they went there to get a gift for his sister but Isioma picked far more than Biodun even got for his sister. Biodun laughed out loud and said, “Sweetheart, u sef get money na…..Oya bring out your ATM card”.

Isioma felt bad, she paid and stormed out of the mall in annoyance. She was hurt by the statement “ Bring out your ATM card”. Not long after, she broke up with Biodun saying he gave her the biggest embarrassment of her life.

Hian!! Make una see oh…

Personally, I feel it is unfair for a woman to always expect a man to foot her bills. Yes, I know it is the duty of a good man to provide but sometimes we ladies should step it up and do things on our own. You don’t always have to bother him by with your needs; you should also be concerned about his. Plan a nice date, buy him a nice tee-shirt, surprise him with a nice home cooked meal prepared with your own money. It doesn’t have to be something very expensive but do little things for him too. A good man would appreciate your time and efforts. Don’t be overly- dependent, it’s not so cool to be that way. Don’t turn the guy to your ATM, you sef spend your own money na shuo pity his parents and family biko!

What are your thoughts on this? Must a man do everything for a lady? Some men don’t buy more than a pair of shoes in three months some even a whole year but in the name of love they’ll buy 5 expensive ones for a lady in 2months.

Does it mean the lady must always be the receiver?  Can’t ladies do special things for their men too? Gentlemen, did I speak your mind? Ladies, do you agree with me on this?

Let’s hear your view…..READ, COMMENT AND SHARE.

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