I remember watching Super Story some years back and one of the ending quotes read ‘Love is a fabric that never wears out even when washed in the face of adversity’. Life has taught us so many lessons but Love teaches us most of the hardest lessons. They say smooth seas don’t make skilful sailors, so the tougher the tide the better the sailor becomes. Nobody has it easy, some way somehow, hurt is inevitable.

Sometimes when relationships end, we beat ourselves up, crying and blaming ourselves for the things we did and did not do. Some of us even go to the extreme and start begging the other party not to let go.

I am not in any way championing the course that you should end your relationship without reflecting on it but most times in the process of reflecting we blame ourselves a tad too much forgetting the end of some relationships should be celebrated rather than engaging in self-pity or organizing pity parties with friends crying along with us. Oh no… eeeya, chai, maka why and all those pity words.

L'queen writes lady in tears
L’queen writes lady in tears

Loving someone who doesn’t love you back is like hugging a cactus, the tighter you hold on the more it hurts. Some people just can’t love you for who you are. For me, I think love should be effortless, you shouldn’t have to put up appearances or act differently to please someone who claims to love you.
Whoever claims to love you should accept your person, of course with love comes some little little compromises but not that the person totally transforms you to a person who you are not! A good lover would help you see the better side of change without demeaning you and making comments that bruise yourself ego. You should go where you are celebrated not tolerated. Just be you!

Don’t let anyone ruin your self-esteem or bruise your self-worth. Keep your confidence game intact, God made you complete. Yes you might have made mistakes in the past, but there’s no perfect person anywhere except the uncreated creator.

Look on the bright side, someone close to me once said that the worst thing that happened to you might eventually bring the best things to you. You won’t know the sun could shine if the dark clouds never rolled away!

Whoever loves you is lucky to have you, never let anyone make you feel less. You are not just good enough, you are the best. You are amazing, you are beautiful and most importantly you are precious!

Don’t fake another life to make anyone love you; you would have to put on a cloak of pretence all your life. The right person would step into your life and embrace who you truly are, your past, your present and your future inclusive.

The longer it takes for you to admit that you have taken the wrong lane, the longer it takes for you to get on the right one….if someone finds it hard to live with who you are now, it’s better to end it than live a life of misery begging someone to understand your person. Flogging a dead horse would never bring it back to life.

Even the bible says God commended his love towards us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us (Rom 5:8) KJV.
There’s nothing better than a lover that loves you because you are YOU!

Have an amazing Christmas….would write you again before the year ends.



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