BoluFemi: When Lawyers become Lovers


I’m super excited to bring y’all another beautiful true love story this week. These lawyers were there for each other through difficult times in Law school and that bond became even stronger as the years roll by. BOLUFEMI have an interesting love story.

When Lawyers become Lovers…

Femi happens to be one of those masculine, playful and very caring Christian guys who are often times termed to be players but you see, it’s always good to know a person for yourself instead of listening to hearsay which often times is not a 100% true. This groom to be went from joining the army over 10 years ago to following his dream of becoming a lawyer and that’s how he crossed paths with his beautiful bride to be, Bolu.

I’ll be your soldier and I’ll be your lover

Sit back, relax and enjoy the true love story of BoluFemi…here’s a little of our gist with Femi


How did you meet? And where?

It was in Law school.
I love to sing ,so one day I went with some friends to a karaoke bar in VI
We were there gisting when a colleague by name Ifeanyi told me there is this beautiful lady he really likes ,actually there were about 3 of them who claimed to really like her.
So these guys called her on phone and begged her to come join us at the karaoke bar.
She finally accepted to come and they drove to school to pick her
When she came in I didn’t notice
I was so engrossed in my conversation with my roommate and his friends from UI that I didn’t notice her walk up to me .
I felt someone tap me and smile at me,she was like,you are Femi from AAUA right?
I didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing so I just said yes,nice to meet you. We didn’t see again till one day during evangelism
We were speaking to some students and asking them to come for our programme,I saw her with her unilag friends(chai those unilag girls can be snobs), I didn’t even remember her ,she walked up to me again and said ” Femi from AAUA right” I was stunned,she was beautiful. She has very lovely legs ?
She then said,I’ve heard so much about you. At that point,my heart froze
I was like how???where? when?
Apparently she was friends with a friend from AAUA ,and that one had told her quite a lot about me.
From what I could see, the lady said sooooo much about me,but rather than be discouraged,she was fascinated
We didn’t see again till after 3 weeks,we went on Easter break and had just resumed,so lots of students hadn’t resumed and the food vendors weren’t available. I decided to go have lunch at Kilimanjaro . That was when I saw her
As in this time I really saw her
So while having lunch I hurriedly ate up my food and approached her table,I asked if she was having trouble cutting her chicken,she smiled and pushed her plate towards me so I could help
her cut it into little pieces.
I cut the chicken then took a piece of chicken and ate it,told her that was payment for my services.
We laughed and that’s how we became friends.

Smile for me…

What was your relationship like in Law school?

As soon as we became close friends, people started saying all sorts. Tongues wagged, there were a lot of misconceptions about our individual lives.People told her not to take me seriously, that I was a player, some people also came to me with talk that Unilag girls are this and that but when they realised that their talk didn’t deter us from being close everyone just got used to the reality of us being together.


What are the qualities you admire most in Bolu?

She’s business minded, she’s a lover of people, she’s beautiful and self less.

I see love in your eyes

Did you experience any form of parental opposition towards your relationship?

Yes, at first there were stereotypes. Parents not wanting you to marry from a particular state or area and all that but there’s nothing prayer can’t change.

Lean on me, I’ll be with you forever

How did you propose?

When I wanted to propose,I carried the ring in my pocket for a full month waiting for the right time,I was so scared of making a wrong decision,I was also praying fervently and asking God to separate us if she wasn’t his will.
But rather than be separated,we got closer
So on the 27th of December,
2015 we went for a friend’s wedding,I wasn’t mobile back then and was hopping buses,I would jump buses from one place to the other looking ridiculous,she looking gorgeous while I looked confused. We would go to camp together and even went for a lot of retreats together. I remember we met you at one of the retreats L’queen.
So after the wedding we took a bus and went to elegushi beach for a hangout with her cousins,we weren’t mobile so you can imagine the embarrassment of taking keke napep up and down. When we got there I told her cousin what I wanted to do,she was so excited and set up a small surprise. I went on bended knees and asked her to be mine forever,
Bolu almost ran away when she saw the ring.

See proposal video of BoluFemi below.

Source :Groom

What’s your advice for singles still searching or waiting for the One?

For singles searching, I would say “be yourself,don’t let the societal stereotypes get to you,e.g. Ondo guys are monsters,Igbo girls are cheats etc” those are just experiences of a small percentage of people,they don’t represent a valid representation of human behavior. And then pray,serve God while you are young,it pays in many ways than one. And then of course have fun too, that’s also important. bolufemi
You and I till infinity

Your love story is truly inspiring, one lesson from this is that you should find out the true character of a person yourself and not be deceived by stereotypes . Thanks for sharing your love story with us.

The beauty and her soldier!

For more photos of BoluFemi , see our Facebook page

BOLUFEMI 2017 is happening this very month of August, the wedding is gonna be lit! wishes them a very happy married life!
Y’all should please drop a congratulatory message for this adorable couple.

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  1. Femi was a cool headed person for d fee years i knew him. Thouhh , we were nt so close but i knw he has dis passion for adventure, studying, music & he loves God . Such an inspiring story. I wsh dem a blissful union.

  2. When I opened the post, my first reaction was that I know this guy!!!
    AAUA faces.
    Very beautiful love stories. Stereotypes will always happen, but totally up to us to stand together irrespective of this. I wish them all the best, congratulations.


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