Dave and Andrew have been friends since way back. They went to the same university, served in the same state and now work in the same office. Ok! Let’s get to the real gist.

One evening, while doing their usual weekend stroll around the estate where they both live, Andrew spotted this beautiful chic coming down from a taxi, apparently she was coming from the market. She had so much on her hands and he pointed Dave’s attention to it and they decided to assist her.

After the helped her carry the things into her compound, she appreciated them and introduced herself as Jane. She said her parents lived on the estate and she went to help them get foodstuffs for the month.
Andrew was attracted to Jane instantly, despite the fact that she had her hair pulled back with no makeup on, he still found her attractive but he said nothing. Two weeks later, Dave walked into Andrew’s office telling him how he saw the Jane girl again and that this time she wasn’t looking all stressed out unlike their first meeting. ‘Guy, the babe is really cute o” Dave said to Andrew. Andrew just smiled.

Before long, Dave and Jane were going steady in a relationship. Everything was going on smoothly and Dave appeared to be so into Jane. Andrew was happy for his friend although somewhere in a corner of his heart he was still attracted to Jane but Dave had beaten him to it. Jane was such an adorable darling, on weekends she’ll come to Dave’s crib, clean up and cook soup for the new week for him. Most times they gave her money to cook for both of them and share into two parts. The guys were that close.

About 9months into the relationship, Dave started acting weird. He started treating Jane like an allergy. Andrew noticed this and decided to confront him. “Dave, why are you treating your babe like this na?” Dave moved closer. “Guy, I don’t know oh…..I think I’m getting bored in that relationship. Andrew tried to hide his disgust, he had seen the way Dave treated ladies in the past but he never thought Jane would go through the same thing. Who would get bored with an amazing young lady like Jane? Andrew thought. She’s smart, hardworking, cute and homely. What else was Dave looking for?

Dave broke up with Jane a month later. Anyone could tell that Jane was heartbroken. Things happened fast and Dave had to travel out of the country for an 18 months course. Andrew totally lost contact with Jane after the breakup with Dave, although he was still in Nigeria.

A year later, Andrew was sitting on a round table with some friends at a wedding when he saw someone that looked like Jane. He thought he was imagining things not until the person spoke. “Hi guys, I hope everyone has been served. Thanks for coming”. Andrew could recognize the voice well enough and he looked at her closely and called out her name. “Jane, is this really you?”….. They got talking and exchanged contacts.

Andrew couldn’t get Jane out of his mind and somehow it seemed the feeling was mutual because Jane would also call to ask after his well being from time to time. Jane and Andrew soon became a couple. He treated Jane the way a real man treats his woman. And Jane was still as adorable as ever.

On the other hand, Dave was still abroad but had to come back briefly coz his immediate younger sister was getting married and as the first son he had to be there to organize things since their father was no more. Dave and Andrew kept in touch all the while but he was always quiet about his love life because he didn’t know the right way to break the news to Dave.

When Dave returned, they went out together a couple of times and he’ll always say he has an amazing woman in his life and that they were engaged but he never disclosed anything beyond that. Dave was always telling tales of how he was still searching for his own wife. He asked Andrew to bring his fiancée when coming for his younger sister’s wedding ceremony in the village.

Jane had become even more beautiful, she now worked in an AD agency and the chic cleaned up well. On their arrival at the traditional ceremony venue, heads turned. They were looking at Jane and Andrew; the power couple who stepped in with the most eye-catching attire amongst the guests. Jane looked absolutely stunning in her native attire; without doubt I know she took extra time to pick out her outfit for the occasion so as to make her ex have a better view of what he had, what he lost and what he’ll never get back.

Andrew went in search of Dave, the crowd was massive. Jane took a seat and started chatting with some familiar guests at the table. Before Andrew returned, Dave had spotted Jane and was full of admiration for her. He kept telling tales by moonlight about how he missed her and wanted her love back. Jane just sat there, laughing. She and Andrew had agreed that he (Andrew) will handle the situation and explain to Dave.

Just then, Andrew got back and before he even spoke, Dave already got a memo by the mere look of their matching attires. While Andrew tried to explain, you could tell Dave was surprised and at the same time upset. He walked away with a face, that only the straight face smiley can help define.

Let’s hear you: what are your thoughts? Did Andrew do wrong by dating the lady his friend dumped? Does a person like Dave deserve a second chance? What’s your view about dating a friend’s EX?

Don’t just read this, your comments are required. Share with as many as possible….let’s get more people to contribute to this….let’s get answers together.

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  1. Edwin has really said my mind. It would have been alot better if Andrews had informed Dave while he was still away. And about dating one’s friend’s ex,well it majorly depends on the reason for the breakup and also the attitudes of the two former lovers towards each other at present…

  2. Hmmm…. @niyi, I think I agree with you on the aspect where he should have stayed away from his friend’s ex because no matter how you look at the situation from Dave’s point of view, Andrew is a bad friend who has always had eyes for his girlfriend(jane) even while he(dave n jane) where dating. From another point of view, I think Andrew should have told/talked about he and Jane to Dave while he was still abroad, at least that would have cleared things up a bit. Everybody deserves a second chance, depending on the situation surrounding the issue, but I don’t think Dave deserves one though cause it’s clear his intentions are just like the first time (he is just infatuated with her not in love wit her). About dating your friend’s ex, I don’t think it’s wrong I just believe it will be best for you to discuss it with your friend before going for/taking it further. And if he doesn’t agree/accept it then you decide if at the end of the day she is worth losing your friendship over or if that friend is truly worth keeping. My view though

  3. To my point of view, Dave was only after the beauty of Jane he never appreciated her value ND that was why the relationship could not last cuz he was only attracted to her beauty, but Andrew on the other hand loved her right from the 1st day and also some appreciated her, knows her worth, also noticed the character embedded in her beauty, he also took his time. Andrew didn’t rush and respected his friend Dave but there was something that amazed me was that they met after a long while ND the chemistry was still there, Andrew still loved Jane despite all and they started a relationship… Andrew was looking beyond the beauty. He actually loved her.he respected her.

  4. This case is a kind of dicey. But I wish he had stayed away from his friends ex anyway, except if the friend is now married and he still feel for her, then he can talk to her. This life is not always a matter of yes and no, white or black. It may be grey

  5. I wouldn’t say he is wrong because he wasnt responsible for the break up between Dave and is all about choices.


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