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Hello Lovelies! I hope you are doing good. Our True love story for this week has got me really emotional, y’all know how much I love true love  stories. I’m very emotional about this one,not just because their journey to saying I do somewhat started on my Wedding day but guys, the bond between these two is very evident. Just sitting with them, you can feel the synergy of two hearts beating as one. I love me some Yemi and Bubu guys, I really do!

Yemi-Bubu Lqueenwrites


So Bubu has been featured on the blog before, I told you she’s that lady that can help you surprise your boo. She makes the most adorable and affordable cakes! Plus she’s a very nice lady.

Well, Bubu is on the blog for another reason today guys. She’s getting married!!! Getting married to a perfect gentleman. For real guys like when you talk about a good man, Yemi is one. No one can even dispute that!

Yemi and Bubu are a match made from heaven!

Without further ado Lovelies, let’s get right into this beautiful true love story


Yemi-Bubu Lqueenwrites


How did Yemi and Bubu meet and where?

So Yemi and Bubu met on the world renowned Redemption city in 2012. Bubu was studying at the Redeemers University at the time. It was that kind of meeting where a friend introduces you to a good  guy but you are just not
ready to have a relationship.

The mutual friend had told Bubu a lot of good things about Yemi but I guess baby girl wanted to see things for herself…you know na! Talk is cheap, what’s all the hype? let me see for myself kinda move. Ladies understand this well!


Yemi-Bubu Lqueenwrites
When you smile, I smile….


When they eventually got to meet, Yemi requested for Bubu’s number. Oh boy! she refused to let him have it oh. She gave him her BB pin instead then they started communicating. Nothing clicked yet but they kept talking, he visited her at the NYSC camp and then after a while paid her a visit in Abeokuta
I guess it was at that point she started taking him seriously.

You can tell how the rest of the story goes from there right? *winks*


Yemi-Bubu Lqueenwrites

How was the proposal of Yemi and Bubu like?

Ah, I can tell the story of how this went down. It happened at my wedding reception guys! Like seriously… okay let me keep quiet its not my own true love story after all don’t mind me, I’m just over the moon about these two.

I’ll let Yemi and Bubu tell the real story of the most beautiful proposal I have ever witnessed.

Yemi: After praying and getting convinced that she is the one for me, I knew I wanted to do something beautiful for the proposal. I called my guys and told them I was planning to propose. Seyi suggested that I do at his wedding reception, I was a bit reluctant but I gave it a thought. So when I thought about it, it appeared to be the perfect idea. I decided to give a shot. I am happy it turned out well. The couple, MC Shem and the entire bridal party gave us huge support and made it memorable.

Yemi-Bubu Lqueenwrites
Source: Emmanuel Lemikan


So here’s what Bubu had to say about the Proposal ;

Hmmmmm… Our proposal… I wasn’t expecting it was going to happen the way it did.
I guess he bought the ring a pretty long time and was waiting for the perfect day when he was going to propose. He was really certain and convinced enough that it was God that was leading him to me.

It was at his friend’s wedding reception and I was also invited for the wedding. All I knew was Yemi was being extraordinarily sweet to me during the week of the wedding.
He even volunteered that he was going to come pick me at abeokuta so we could attend together which he did.
I kept wondering why he wanted to stress himself but I didn’t suspect he had a bigger plan. I was forced to come out and dance with the couple at the wedding together with the entire bridal party which he was part of.


Before I knew it, Yemi was already on his knees with a ring. I almost ran away (I actually did) because I wasn’t expecting it at all (coz I am a really really a shy person)
I finally got myself together and said Yes amidst tears. It was really emotional for me.


See the beautiful proposal video of Yemi and Bubu below!

What do you admire most about each other?

Bubu: Things I love most about him are, he loves God and he is God fearing. He has a cheerful heart, he gives easily(that I have learnt from him)
He is always quick to help or support people in need. He does not worry about things… So much more I can’t put down right now.

Yemi: I like the fact that she respects me for who I am, she’s humble. One thing that really won my heart is that everybody that knows her can testify that she’s a very good person. I have seen that for myself.

yemi-Bubu Lqueenwrites

How do you picture your future together?

Bubu: I really picture a great and beautiful future where our marriage would be an example to others, a home where God will always dwell and we will raise goodly seeds for him that will stand as an agent of change to their generation.

Yemi: I picture a happy home where we would remain good friends, talk about everything and anything.

We’ll laugh together even when we have no more teeth…
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What advice would you give Singles out there?

Bubu: My advice to singles is to wait and hear from God. In due time, God will do the best if you wait on him.

Yemi : I think the most important thing is to seek God’s face, also Find your best friend, someone who would understand you and accept you for who you are. Someone you can talk to, joke with and get serious with at the same time. I think building friendship first is important to a relationship.

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So that’s it guys, I agree with the wait on God part. There's no need to be in too much of a hurry. God is the script writer of our live/love stories . Click To Tweet


I pray God gives every one reading love that will last for a lifetime


I hope you guys enjoyed this true love story! Did you spot the proposal paparazzi with their cameras in the video ?

I can spot the super wedding photographer Tolu of TSQUARED true love story, the hilarious Inene Martins , the golden voice TosinBee, Kunle of Bimbokunle true love story and many other Lovers of sweet love lol. Tell me the familiar faces you spotted in the proposal video.


On the 16th of September, Yemi and Bubu will be getting married

On behalf of my husband, my son and LQUEENWRITES.COM as a whole, I wish this adorable couple a blissful and fruitful union.

Kindly leave a congratulatory comment for the couple.

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