Kamal is a top executive at Rogers & Partners. He and his friend Rogers Adedipe run the company together. When he started dating Cassandra Williams, an OAP/ TV host, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. He loved her so much and he vowed to make the relationship work.

Cassandra is a beautiful woman, highly ambitious and successful. She’s well known and she has a generous share of fans across the country. Kamal was proud to have her and she loved him too but there was never enough time.

Kamal has a job that takes him out of the country not less than twice in a month and even when he’s in Nigeria, he doesn’t always remain in Lagos, because he also oversees the new branch of Rogers & Partners in Port-Harcourt. Cassandra is also a very busy woman; she’s always on set filming episodes of her weekly TV show and also preparing to host Nigeria’s Next Singing Sensation (a reality singing competition).

Between their busy lives, Kamal and Cassandra only relied on calls and messages. And many atimes, Cassandra’s assistant was the one who took Kamal’s calls and when Cassandra had time to call back, Kamal would either be on a flight to another city/country or in a meeting.

It became really difficult for the both of them to cope and before long, the relationship became very boring. The only chance they got to see each other was when they had to attend important events together and on very rare occasions when Cassandra was free to travel with Kamal.

Just like Kamal and Cassandra, a lot of relationships have suffered because each person is extremely busy with work. It is good to work hard so as to make ends meet and to achieve personal goals in life because almost everyone has a desire to be better than they were yesterday, so we all keep striving for more success. However, the beauty of being successful, is knowing that in the end you’ll have special people in your life to share your joy with.

Your relationship should not have to suffer because of your job. There are many ways to keep the fire of love burning no matter how busy it may get. Social media, as well as daily advancing technology have made it easier for people to communicate these days, that’s why it annoys me to hear people say they are too busy to stay in touch with their significant other/loved ones.

Ok! Let’s get real. Mr. Busy or Miss/Mrs. Busy. I know you have at least a phone, Smartphone, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy tab, Laptop etc. So tell me why its so hard to stay in touch. There’s BBM, Whatsapp, Keek, Instagram, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Badoo,Path and not forgetting our beloveth 2go.

Ok you’ll say, ‘I have a meeting by 7am, I can’t call’. Hmmnn! How about that little time you use in dressing up? Is it too much to put your phone on voice recording and record a short 2-3 minutes message telling your lover how busy your day would be and how much you miss him/her?

Hey Nerd! Before you enter that library why don’t you try sending a short “baby I’m going to study now but you are still on my mind” text to your significant other? You can send a Ping at lunch break to check on him/her or even take a picture and send to brighten his/her face. Some of us have Talking Tom, why not make use of it and send a funny video to your partner to help ease them of the day’s stress?

Even if its 2go or whatsapp, just stay in touch. It’s easier to get through the day when you know there’s someone who cares about you somewhere. If you stay in the same city, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t see each other throughout a month. That’s just wrong!

While you are stuck in traffic on 3RD mainland bridge on your way home, why not pull out your hands free and call your lover or mother, instead of throwing your head out of the window to curse at one Danfo driver or conductor.

Most times, we give flimsy excuses for not being able to keep in touch with loved ones but we can take calls from clients/business partners even at 3am. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, business is business but your loved ones should also matter to you and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be priority in your life.

Its not enough to give them money alone, but let them equally be a part of your life. Call, send messages, pictures, mails, I know this is old school but you can also send letters. That way you can show them you actually care. Try taking out time to visit them and do all the fun stuff that can bring good memories when they miss you.

I remember Naeto C’s lines in his song ‘Share my Blessings’ which featured Asa, he said ‘Keep your loved ones close coz they don’t live Twice’. Don’t be too busy to stay in touch with the people who really love and care about you.

If your job is so important to you then your relationship should also have some level of importance. Show your partner that he/she is a priority and show your family/loved ones that you really care for them. Talk is cheap; it’s the actions that really count. Don’t just say it, prove it.

Stop giving excuses…if its important to you,you’ll find a way not an excuse.It’s good to be BUSY but don’t be GUILTY…Y’heard??

Love right,stay Happy…



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  1. Hmmm…Nice one dear. Work shudn’t take u away from ur loved ones and most especially,ur spouse. Make them feel LOVED!

  2. Nothing should take the place of physical presence and attention. Work will go, business may crumble, friends may leave, but the home will be there; ile ni abo isimi oko, that is the last resort of every person, and the loved ones that we have there shouldn’t be treated with light fingers.


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