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It’s been a while I have updated this blog and trust me it hurts on a daily basis. The demands of the banking profession have reduced me to writing only once a month for my church bulletin as against my writing every week on this blog and others. Believe me, I miss you all so much and I’m sure some people miss me too…*tongue out*.

So here is the thing, now that most of us that grew up together are now working. The class thing has set in and it can be very annoying. People you grew up with and played suwe, mummy and daddy, ludo and others will look at you and be forming papas. Sometimes it’s not like you are doing badly oooo, but some of them just have this egocentric attitude.

Okay on this particular day I bumped into an old friend of mine at the mall, I was so excited to see her. I hurriedly rushed towards where she was to cover her eyes from behind and then when I finally opened it, the look I got was far from welcoming. After she had recognized me, she stood there acting like I was bothering her when I asked her how she was doing.

You know that kind of snobbish look? Chai! since that day ehn…I decided to greet casually except if the person warms up to me then I would switch back to real Tolu.

On another occasion, this time I saw this happen in a religious gathering. I know we all have our cliques but biko in church I believe we are all brethren na. Some people pride themselves in their parent’s wealth so much that even though they haven’t achieved a thing for themselves they carry their shoulders like they own the world. Someone came into church late and there was a vacant seat just close to these my dear brethren, the usher asked the fellow to sit there and you should have seen the smiles on their faces melt into a haughty look. They said nothing but their eyes spoke volumes, they looked at the guy like God needed to create him a second time. That kind of ‘you can’t sit with us look’. I felt really bad for him, although they eventually allowed him sit but the barricade they made with their bags to separate him from them was too obvious for my nosy self not to notice. Even the bible says ‘’whoever belittles his neighbor lacks sense…’’

My point here is, not everyone is on the same level. But we should learn to love and respect people for who they are. The fact that you are young and well to do is no excuse to be loud and obnoxious. It gives no liberty for you to insult older people who do menial jobs, it’s not an excuse to look at your mates or people a little older who are probably still in school or struggling for daily survival with disdain.

Treat people with respect regardless of their status, be friends with the drivers, cleaners, food vendors, house helps etc. You never know when you would need help from them; your old friends who are struggling today might be in positions to help you tomorrow. That man you are looking down on might be your OGA (husband) tomorrow ooo

The bible does not support pride “Let not the wise man boast in his wisdom, let not the mighty man boast in his might, let not the rich man boast in his riches.. JER 9vs 23

Enough said, I believe you have had such experiences before, please drop your comments I want to read from you too.

The weekend is already here…wish you a fab one.



Toluwalope Lemikan



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  1. It’s seriously a while I have been able to read your ever real and inspiring words. More Grace oooo. Hope you won’t do run-away again sha Semi-bday mate. It’s true these things happen in our days but I hope this article will go a long way to challenge our brethren cum “friends” to realize that NO MATTER THE YOUR HEIGHT IN LIFE, YOU MIGHT NEED THE SEEMINGLY MINUTE OF ALL TOMORROW. Nice one, thanks

    1. trust me it did….i couldn’t believe my eyes. i just kept mute as i watched the silent drama coz thru it all no one said a word…the eyes did the talking. it is well oooo


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