Summer Time calls for Glow and shine: Drugstore and Dollar store makeup brands we love!

Summer time affordable makeup

Okay let’s be real, I’m not one of those who wear makeup everyday and I don’t identify as a makeup artiste or whatever but I definitely identify as a lover of affordable great quality makeup.

Summer time affordable makeup

One of the most important factors that influence my buying decision for anything, be it clothes, shoes, accessories etc is affordability.
I’m not a Scrooge but I take pride in finding affordable things that can match up to their more expensive counterparts.

Before I left Nigeria, I had a discount card for being a regular at a popular beauty supply store in Ikeja city mall. There was hardly anytime I visited the mall that I won’t leave with at least one lipstick, concealer or foundation. At the time I had a lot of locally made makeup brands like Zaron and Tara cosmetics in my makeup bag. I still have some, I’m still in love with my Zaron lipsticks.

After I relocated, I obsessively searched for cheaper great quality makeup brands as I wasn’t keen on spending all my coins at Sephora…lol

I found cheaper brands with exceptional quality at the Drug store, Dollar store and Walmart.

Drugstore makeup Brands L.A Girl
L.A Girl faves

L.A Girl is one of those brands and they literally have become my favourite affordable makeup brand. I have everything from primers to foundation, lipsticks, eyeliner and eyeshadow palettes from them. This was long before they sent me a big PR package with lots of goodies.

Drugstore makeup

I’ve used all these cheaper makeup brands consistently in the last 2 years and I can say of a truth that I am satisfied and content with the looks they produce and my skin doesn’t react adversely to any of them.

Drugstore makeup hard candy life


The affordable makeup brands I use from the Drug store, beauty supply or Walmart include:

L.A Girl

Maybelline: variety of foundation shades and lip color

Hard candy Life

Nick AK New York


Black opal


Dollar store makeup
L.A Colors by the same company that owns L.A Girl
Nick AK Newyork: Mascara, contour kit and concealer
Hard Candy Life Glitteratzi

Cheaper makeup brands from the Dollar Store include; 

Color Mates

L.A Colors

Beauty treats

Wet and wild

I literally cannot wait to be able to go out more often and play dress up in the summer. I’m so over the cold and rainy weather that we’ve been experiencing in Canada.

Something to Watch: My skincare routine

Summer calls for glitter, shine and glow and I’m so grateful to L.A Girl and Hard Candy Life for sending me all the glitter and glow products I need to shine all Summer long.

What affordable makeup brands do you wear?


Note: This post contains PR/Gifted products but is not sponsored by any brand.

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