Ebak and Abby: Love found straight outta High School

I look at you and I see my whole life right here in front of me
I look at you and I see my whole life right here in front of me

Ah! I have a lot of articles written for this month but it’s so special I had to pend them all for all my beautiful people getting married. They have been my day one fam and it feels my heart with joy to see them not just fall in love but get married to each other.
Ebak and Abby Lqueenwrites.com
Hold my hands let’s walk this road together

The Love story of Ebak and Abby is one I really admire, not because we have been friends since way back but because they stayed with each other through the years and never left.

Ebak and Abby Lqueenwrites.com
I’ll be loving you everyday

So for y’all who want all the Gist of the love story, you are welcome!
I asked the groom to be a few questions and here’s what he had to say;

Apart from being high school mates when did the friendship really start?

Our friendship started when we graduated from high school. We were always communicating over the internet. Then we became quite close to the point where we would keep talking for hours non stop on phone. My roommates back in uni then would be like “are you sure you guys are just close friends? ” …then I’d laugh about it and tell them yh we’re close friends.

Ebak and Abby Lqueenwrites.com
Let’s Travel the world together

At what point did the friendship blossom into a relationship?
At the final year of my first degree, we were already so close, we’d go on and on talking about different things that affects us. Advising each other whenever there is anything to be solved. I would say we grew with each other… from just high school colleagues to friends to close friends. At the point when I was sure it was high time we take it to another level, I didn’t ask her immediately, I prayed about it. Then I went on to express my feelings to her… she was like she can’t rush into any decision, that I should go and pray about it again, she also said she’d pray about it and all. I kept on asking her and asking her …until she finally said she was convinced. That, at that time was the happiest day of my life
Ebak and Abby Lqueenwrites.com
Dance with me today, love me everyday

What are the qualities you admire most in Abby?

Quite a lot, but those that stand out the most; Her love for God and openness. The rest is between me and her ?

Ebak and Abby
Let me be your man, I’ll be there every step of the way

What was the Proposal like, I remember seeing pictures of it at the time but how did you pull it off?

I used to think proposal, wedding and all those things were easy. When it was my turn, I did a lot of research on the internet for proposal ideas and engagement rings (finding the right ring was a big work itself). I already planed on proposing at the cinema a week before we traveled on holiday to Canada but then we had a lot trying to sort out for our trip. So I went with plan b. The CN tower in Toronto, she didn’t see it coming, she thought we were just going for sight seeing and them am like oh wow …theres a restaurant at the cntower (360 restaurant), let’s try it, we got there, booked a table and went in, that was easy because she likes trying new things especially restaurant. I had already made arrangements with the restaurant before then to prepare the proposal message on her plate when it was time for desert. When she saw it… (Will you marry me? Abiola)

Ebak and Abby Lqueenwrites.com
Please say yes…. Let’s do life together

she was so surprised …I knelt down immediately told her a simple statement and asked her and she shouted yes. I was so happy.

On bended Knees.... Ebak and Abby
On my knees I promise to make it beautiful

Ebak and Abby Lqueenwrites.com
See that rock!

How would you describe your anticipation of forever with her?

It’s an exciting feeling as we’ll start living together, with our own life and our own family I actually can see both of us in our old age together, trying new things, traveling, like we usually do in our spare time, loving each other and most of all, loving God.

Ebak and Abby Lqueenwrites.com
Because we are happy! Together

Beautiful Love Story…. I wish you two an amazing journey ahead and may your love never grow cold. Ebak and Abby are getting married on the 18th of March, it’s going to be turnt!

Ebak and Abby Lqueenwrites.com
I’ll be your shoulder…. Lean on me

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  1. Happy marital blizz ebak and abby.reading the whole love story thing made my day.I couldnt just help but to keep smiling…..This is awesome

  2. What a wonderful couple, surrounded by great family and friends that will forever cherish them. May God bless your union and this just the beginning of greatness in your lives . Love you both xxx

  3. Am so so happy for them, I would never have thought both of them together but God just does his things in special ways. Congratulations guys! This is Hilda wishing you a blessed home. Much love ?

  4. Awww, my Cisco friend Ebak; my ofada rice paddy, am so happy for you!
    Met Ebak way back in 2014 at New horizon Computer learning center Ikeja Lagos. Can’t remember how we started talking but we soon became reading pals. We passed our CCNA and CCNP route together. One distinct thing; he is always talking to Abbey about everything! He later moved to UK, and I to the US.. awww, I wish you both all the best marriage has to offer and more!

  5. Beautiful story! I know the Bride and her family, and I can testify they’re wonderful people. I pray God bless Ebak & Abby’s union with all the blessings beyond their imagination.

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