Father keresi
Father keresi

It’s the most beautiful time of the year. The christmas season. The christmas trees have been fixed and the decorations are already set in our homes and on the streets. The kids are on holidays,expecting Santa-claus and its all together beautiful

Santa-claus is an imaginary figure who is said to bring presents to children during christmas. Simply put, Santa-claus is what we call Father Christmas here in Naija or as the yoruba’s call it ‘Baba Keresi’….LOL.

Father Christmas or Santa-claus can also be used to refer to someone who gives a lot, someone who has an open hand,very generous and kind.

My family friend told me the story of a lady, who was in a great relationship. She had all she desired in her man but along the line, she met a nice neighbour. She newly moved into the area and her cute neighbour was indeed very helpful. He was very good with cars and at that time, she had issues with her car. During that period, he’ll take her to work since their offices were not too far from each other and at the close of work, he’ll come pick her up and together they will go home.


Before long, the lady started having feelings for this new neighbour. She became too occupied with thoughts of him and before long, she started to neglect her own relationship. She’ll always go to him whenever she had the slightest problems and her neighbour being ‘Mr. fix it’ would always solve her problems be it financial, electrical, material etc. he was always willing to assist. They hardly spoke about their personal life but they enjoyed each other’s company and most conversations were work related.

On this very day, she went to Santa’s house to return the spare tyre he had lent her earlier in the week. As she drove in, she met a beautiful young lady doing laundry in the compound. She wasn’t expecting that, but she succeeded in hiding her surprise. She tried to respond to the lady’s greeting but the words didn’t come out right. Just then, Santa-claus came out, he must have heard the sound of a car in the compound. Smiling, he made the introductions. He introduced the other lady as his fiancé and introduced her as his new neighbour to his fiancé
Santa was smiling all through because all the while he had been helping her, he never had any ulterior motives. She on the other hand, left the compound feeling like the ground should open and swallow her….eeeya!

This happens to a lot of young women and men too, although its the women most of the time. When a guy is kind to a lady,he might not have the intention of taking it further. But ladies, being the emotional beings that we are, we already begin to have ideas in our head. You’ll hear things like ‘awwww….he’s so nice’, ‘he’s such a darling’, ‘ohhhhh…..that’s so romantic’ ,when the guy has just done something he simply regards as an act of kindness. Sometimes it could be the guy too, the fact that your cute lady neighbour brings you a cooler of food every once in a while doesn’t mean she has fallen in love with you. She might just be a kind lady who loves to cook and share with someone and that someone could be anybody else.

Now the question is, did Santa break her heart? To me, it’s a capital NO!!! she was hurt by her own assumptions.

Beware!!!….not every Santa claus , Mother Christmas or Father Christmas that offers gifts/ assistance or shows care/concern, is in love with you. Don’t break your own heart by your own assumptions.

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  1. akinwande olayinka says

    Dts a great story, lots of lessons to be learnt. Dts d mistakes most pple make assuming tins and most times dey aren’t real. Nice one dear keep it up n u will go places. Don’t forget me o wen u get dere. Lol

  2. juwon okusanya says

    #Truetalk tolu. She was hurt by her assumptions. I love d article good work keep it up

  3. damouchi says

    I posted a quote about 3 to 4 months back. “Every act of kindness by a dude to a lady is mistaken as an interest”. Ur article confirms it. Utterly true.

  4. eesemoore says

    Lol!!! True sha!!!! He didn’t break her heart sha!!! Nice piece!!! U can be my mother mas sha!!

    1. lqueen1 says

      Thanks dear…lol u dey find mother xmas abi? I fit find one for u oh

  5. D'ambassador says

    Assumption is the mother of all mess ups. Merry xtams and a happy new year in advance folks!

  6. Pelumi says

    Tolu,dis article is beautiful.A lot of lessons there. 1.Don’t assume 2. Make ur r/ship with pple clear so that they don’t assume wrongly for u. 3. Show love to others.be selfless. 4. Don’t break ur own heart. And other lil stuffs I can’t type nw.Keep it up dearie.

    1. lqueen1 says

      Thank u Pelumi…u really helped outline the main points.

  7. ayuzeKable says

    LOL! Very funny write-up L’Queen… Santa is innocent abeg!He didn’t break any heart. Ur family friend was hurt becos of her own assumptions.She’s even lucky that she hadn’t ended her relationship.You are right,Pple being nice to You doesn’t mean they love You….By the way,if she actuali liked him,I think she shoulda tried to know him better.Hav a lovely week ahead. #XmasCountdown! 😀

    1. damouchi says

      Are u saying if the father xmas actually had intention, she would have ended her relationship. And nw that he didn’t, she’s still lucky not to have ended her relationship. I wouldn’t want to be in the bf’s shoes in this case

      1. damouchi says

        She almost ate her cake and almost had it

      2. lqueen1 says

        Yes oh…frm wat I hrd she had the hots for Santa oh. If he had intentions she’d av ditched her current bf. Dats life oh

    2. lqueen1 says

      Lol…Ayuzekable my guy. My family frnd actually told me d story n he’s a guy,he’s nt d one d story is abt. U r right oh she’s lucky she didn’t end her own rshp…azzin serious xmas countdown. Tnk God I’m home

  8. nomodunbi says

    Lqueen when I’m I getting my own gift…..Nice piece.

    1. lqueen1 says

      Lol…u’ll get ur gift soon dear


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