Questions to ask to keep conversation fun on a first date


Ehen! So you finally asked her on a date? Or that guy you have been crushing on finally asked you out?

Aha! So how do you keep things
from being awkward or getting boring on your first date? You ask questions!

I know you are shy, however it’s a known fact that questions lead to conversations and from one topic to another you keep going on and on until you check the time and one hour has silently passed away without you even stopping. Sounds great right?


Okay let’s say, I’m your date. Here are a few questions to ask and I’ll answer them just the way I would do normally if you were toasting me hehehe….don’t try it though my husband won’t think it’s all fun and games ooo hehehe.

Okay let’s do this!

Make sure to answer all or some of these questions in the comment section when you are done reading, let’s use this as avenue to get to know each other . I want to know you further than this like some guys always say…lol.
I’m toasting you already abi? How far na? *winks*

  • List all your names: My names are Tolulope Grace Omolola, Ajoke Grace, and Queen.

    What is your favorite color: My favorite color is Purple. I love it because it is so bright and it signifies royalty. What’s yours?

    What is your birth month: I was born in March. How about you?

    What is your favorite food? I haven’t found one yet but I like spicy food, something pepperish that will make me do “su e” (don’t say this though, I think that’s too razz for a first date)

    What do you enjoy doing the most? AH! Writing is my favorite thing to do….reading also. Those two just have a way of taking me out of where I am and transporting me to places I have never been. It’s always a magical experience.

    What’s your favorite topic: Ah a whole lot of them oooh chai! It’s hard to pick but anything love related gets me. I can’t keep quiet when it comes to matters of the heart.


    What’s your most memorable day: Ah! A lot of good memories too. I can’t choose one right now but I have more than a dozen memorable days.

    Where are the five places you would love to go?
    New York
    Tijuana, Mexico

    What’s your favorite song? : Ah! Please don’t make me choose. It would feel like I’m cheating on the other.
    What can you hardly do without?: I can’t do without God. I can’t function properly without him. My life is worth nothing without him.

    What’s your salvation experience: Ehen see them carrying nose. You need to ask this too, if you want a partner who knows and loves the lord. Mine was a thought provoking message on the 25th October, 2005.

    What’s your favorite bible verse: Every child of God should/must have a favorite bible verse. Mine is Psalm 34:5 I can’t say a 5 second prayer without quoting that, so says my husband.

    What’s your biggest dream or aspiration: Ah! I have a lot of big dreams; some of them still scare me. However, to sum it all up, I want to live a life that even after I am long gone my works will outlive me and someone would still remember the positive impact I made in his/her life.

    Favorite TV series: None for now for me, at some point I was glued to Zee World coz of Married Again series but Telemundo’s Passion for revenge came along and I fell in love when it ended I just lost interest. Empire and Suits still have a big place in my heart though

  • Okay so that’s it for now!

    Other questions you can ask;

    Dream profession
    Favorite means of communication: text, chats, calls, emails, the old fashioned letter writing etc.
    Things you would never do
    Things you wish you had
    Things you wish you did differently
    Favorite TV series

    Go ahead and ask some or all of these questions in no particular order and you will have a great first date because getting to know someone should be fun.

    So let me get to know you also, pleeeeease. ANSWER SOME OF THE QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENT SECTION. Tell me at least one thing about you!

    What do you think? Kindly Comment


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    1. Birth Month? June

      Favourite Colour(s)? Black & White (can’t leave one out)

      5 Places i would love to go? Bahamas, Oslo, Sydney, Paris, and Los Angeles

      What do i enjoy most? Video Games, Live Football Games.

      Favourite topics? LIfe, Faith, Network Engineering or IT generally and yeah lot of memes too.

      Favourite mode of communication? SMS, WhatsApp.

      Favourite bible verse? 1John5:7

      Favourite food? None for now

      Favourite Series? SEAL Team, Strike Back, Designated Survivor & Power

      Turn on? Humilty, Kindness and Understanding

      Turn off? Pride, Bullshit, Drama, Selfishness.

    2. Favourite food: Can’t answer that, although my least favourite is Yam.
      Fav Tv series: The big bang theory (seen every episode at least 3 times).
      Fav Bible Verse: Psalm 84:11
      Things i wish i had: The power to end poverty.


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