All the way from Obodoyibo???

Our LOVE is stronger than racial discrimination

Recently, I was showing my mum the picture of a friend who is about to marry a white lady (foreigner)and she was like “ahn ahn, is there no Nigerian lady in Dublin again?”

I laughed so hard at the way she said it,ah mean what’s the big deal?

She was like Oyibo people have a different mentality, they don’t see life the way we do.
I tried to convince her that the differences make it even more beautiful but she didn’t seem to understand my point of view.

Then I told her one of our relations has a white lover (foreigner) and then she froze in her seat, I showed her a picture and she was stunned. “Ah! Eyin omo yi sha ” was all she could say.

My brother started threatening that he’ll do same and she started begging him not to…. He boasted that at that point she won’t have a choice, by fire or by force she’ll have to accept the woman he chooses.

I love whether you are black or white

Is marrying a foreigner really a big deal ? Don’t you think it’s the differences that make the relationship more fun? You get to mix with a totally different Nationality and see the world through their own eyes.?

I think it’s a beautiful thing, Love should not be restricted to Yoruba marry Yoruba or Nigerian marry Nigerian. We can’t really teach our hearts who to fall in love with. So I believe it’s important that we love freely regardless of the restrictive forces in our head or what anyone thinks is ideal or strange.

So long as both of you can agree on the basic things then you can go ahead, you should not allow the world define who you should love and who you shouldn’t love. We are all human though,there’s no foreigner except if you are not from planet earth ?

Love is all I see...
Love is all I see…

It’s important not to miss out on a great relationship because that person is not from your country or continent. It’s great to make friends with people of other nationalities.

Last year, I made a couple of new friends from outside Nigeria and I have learnt so much from them. I even went as far as joining their association and trust me the benefits have been enormous.

Love or friendship should not be restricted to people of your nationality, your skin color or tribe it can go over and beyond the borders of Africa.

Be open minded and loving. In the end, we are all going to the same heaven. There’s no separate heaven for Nigerians or Australians…..just a friendly reminder. Hehehe

We are all going to the same place, so feel free to bring that Obodoyibo man that wants to make you his wife. Feel free to bring that lady from Peru who makes your world all so new and beautiful.

I want more mixed race babies…y’all should keep them coming. My son better bring me an American or Mexican girl when he’s of marriageable age….lol

I think your choice of a spouse should not be restricted to only people of your by tribe, nationality, skin color or race. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof,the world and they that are in it….

Mr or Mrs Right can be from any part of the world!

I'm so into you...
I’m so into you…

It don’t matter if you are black or white I’m gonna be loving you forever

What are your thoughts? Have you ever been approached by a foreigner? Are you in a relationship with a foreigner or are you married to a foreigner?

Share your stories and experiences with me pretty pleeease



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