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Gbenga Kemi

Hey Lovelies, y’all know love stories are one of my absolute favorite things to write about. We have been lucky to have a very good number of True Love stories up on the blog this year. I also have some of the romantic proposal videos on my YouTube channel. Y’all should go check them out and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and channel. Thanks guys. Yes, We have Gbenga and Kemi the love story now! Love stories just make you believe that there’s a man for every woman and there’s a woman for every man. Gbenga Kemi

From the beautiful love story of Tolu and Tolu to that of our New Castle upon Tyne couple Ebak and Abby. We also had that of SeunIdara and then we had our Maryland USA couple Ayoola and Lanre, we had Funto and Bayo, we had the very romantic BimboKunle love story and then our amazing couple Seyi & Tunde who watered their love for 10 years dating back to their OAU days.

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Gbenga Kemi

This beautiful couple Gbenga and Kemi are super Gorg in their pre-wedding shoot. Best believe, the chemistry has to be so strong for the man to go from lecturer to friend and then to lover and fiance. We had a chitchat with them and here’s their love story. It’s exclusive to Lqueenwrites!

Grab a glass of wine as you read and let’s toast to love so true… ❤??????

Gbenga Kemi

L’queen: Hello Gbenga, I’m sure you are in high spirits seeing your wedding is just a month away
Gbenga: *smiles sheepishly * I’m literally over the moon. I’m pretty excited about it.

Lqueen: I can imagine,Kemi is such a beauty.let’s get into the background story. How did you two meet ? Kemi you go first

Kemi: The first time I saw him was when I was in 300level, he is left handed and that was the very first thing that caught my attention towards him cos I’ve always liked people that use left, that very day I knew something was gonna bring me close to him (maybe because he’s a pastor I don’t know but I wasn’t thinking relationship for real) but guess what? We did get close. God revealed an issue I was going through spiritually to him and which God used him to help me overcome it. We then became friends and one day he just called me and he spoke (even though the toasting was so dry?, it was nothing romantic), I didn’t take him serious at first but God knows how he perfect his plans. And since the day I said YES I’ve been enjoying God’s type of love in our courtship. He’s just got all I’ve ever wanted in my guy, I couldn’t have asked for more.

Gbenga: I met her when I came back from my msc studies.. she was a friend to one of my sisters.. I will always ignore her stylishly and great my sister cos I started to feel some sort of chemistry towards her even though we both studied Bio-chemistry! Lol.
Until one day she challenged me and I said sorry and I then said Hi to her.

We eventually became friends and I would talk to her, give her tips and all we were just platonic pals.

I believe in Jesus Christ! so I was praying to Him to guide me and I started thinking about a wife until I got a nudge that Kemi will be the one.. I kicked against it initially cos we were close.. but I was glad all the same cos Kemi is a queen… a one of a kind lady among all others
I spoke to her.. you know what I mean? and she told me she was not ready and i was hit in heart
I kept praying until she eventually said.. now am ready.. its a Yes! That made me really happy.

Gbenga Kemi

L’queen: awwww interesting, so how long have you guys been in a relationship?

Gbenga: Just about a year

Kemi: I’m proud to say I said ‘YES’ on August 7th, 2016.

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Gbenga Kemi

L’queen: Wow, that’s so nice. What are the things that you really admire about each other?

Gbenga: L’queen to be honest, words alone cant express it but i’ll try. First things first, she’s born again. She is a team leader and a team player. She does not say yes to all my moves, she challenges those that she does not agree with. She can be naughty unlike me, I’m a cool guy ? but yea, I really like that about her.

Kemi: My prayer always even before I met my fiance is that God should give me a man that is a true child of His and that I found in him as it makes it easier for me to love every aspect of him. He motivates me (He’s my life coach and my spiritual leader). I like his style of play too, he can make somebody laugh for Africa. I enjoy his company and never get tired of it.
He can be so caring, He just knows how to treat a lady like one.

Gbenga Kemi

L’queen: Gbenga, you pulled a surprise proposal at Kemi ‘s office earlier in the year, how did you plan that?

Gbenga: After we had been together for a while, she kept telling me of how guys were still disturbing her and all. So I thought of a perfect fix for the situation. I left my town of work, went to the mall and got a ring. I came by her office, gisted with her friend and stylishly brought her to the spot light.

And then I went down on my knees and said babe… I gbadun you, pls would you accept to my my one and only, will you marry me.. and she almost entered the ground…super excited and shy all together.
Then the usual awww and wows followed… The whole atmosphere changed Gbenga Kemi proposal

L’queen : What do you picture your future together would be like?

Kemi: With God by our side our future is going to be great, we are looking forward to building a future that is worthy of emulation in all aspects, so help us God.

Gbenga: In the years to come,I look forward to a family of love,full of God and a place where people can be motivated to achieve their God given vision.

Gbenga Kemi

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L’queen : what advice would you give singles out there still waiting for the one?

Kemi: My advice to the single ladies is that they should keep trusting God and pray for His best, they should never feel left out or intimidated because God’s plan for everybody is perfect irrespective of the time.

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Gbenga: Bros and sister… dont be deceived, God still guides in choosing.If you dont know how God leads you biko go and discover that first and leave marriage palava. If you have not discovered purpose, go for it first. Purpose discovery fast tracks partner discovery… shalom

Gbenga Kemi

L’queen : Word! Y’all heard it first here from my buddy, the lecturer turn Pastor/life coach. Purpose discovery fast tracks partner discovery. Thank you for sharing your love story with us. We wish you two a blissful married life blessed with beautiful children!

Gbenga Kemi

Gbenga and Kemi will tie the knot in Akure in September… Please drop a congratulatory message for the beautiful couple in the comments section.

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