So service year is finally over. It still feels kind of surreal to me but I guess I’ll get used to it soon. I feel really great to be back home. I returned home almost immediately and I received a very warm welcome from my parents. I also received quite a number of congratulatory calls from family relations and friends. I appreciate you all.

However, most of these calls and messages ended with the “wedding loku bayi” (na wedding remain now o) phrase. Almost everyone that called said that and all I did was laugh.

Church service was awesome yesterday coz I was blessed to witness the grand dedication of my youth church Messiah’s Praise Sanctuary by our beloved General Overseer, Pastor E.A Adeboye and other dignatries present like Dele Momodu. There was a lot of dancing and celebration and that was exactly the mood I wanted to be in yesterday.

After the service, I received welcome greetings from some of my church members, a lot of “oohs” and “ aaahs “ and quite a lot of catch up stories. The happy ones, the sad ones, the weddings, the new babies, the hook ups and the very dramatic break ups. I swallowed quite a lot of information yesterday but it was really exciting.

Then again, I was about to drive off when an old friend called my name from afar off, he was really happy to see me and before long, he started the usual “wedding loku bayi” convo. I just stood there listening and laughing as he explained with excitement, the role he’ll play on that day. What a funny fellow!

I called my friend yesterday afternoon to gist her about all that had been going on since we left Taraba. I thought I was alone in the “wedding loku bayi” drama, only to find out that, the same was happening in her house. Hers’ even took a more dramatic turn. She explained to me how her Dad had summoned her presence in his room and asked her for the proposed date of her introduction. LOL!! She said she couldn’t believe what she was hearing and that she just stood there, her mouth agape, watching the old man as he spoke with all seriousness. I couldn’t help but burst in laughter. The man has started making preparations when his daughter hasn’t even talked about doing an introduction anytime soon.

Don’t get me wrong oh, it’s not like I am insouciant about the whole marriage thing. Not at all!!

Marriage is a darned good thing and people, who know me well, know how much I love weddings but really, people should chill na! I know my friends and family wish me well and it would make them happy to see me married away soon but eerm the Lord is our strength sha….it will happen at the right time.

For everything, there is a time and season. There is a God that knows the end from the beginning, so let God do his thing. He’ll make it happen. Abi no be so?

What do you think? Have you experienced such things before? Please share your experiences with me

Anyway let me leave you with this; Remember there’s no mountain too high….dream it, work hard, pray hard and you will achieve it.
To those writing exams, I wish y’all good success.

Have a fulfilling week.



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