A Guide to Being Single and Extremely Happy on Valentine’s Day & Beyond

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, who is excited? Well, it’s that day of the year that most single people dread the most because it suddenly appears that the whole world is in love except them. Do you feel like this?

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First, let’s establish the fact that it is totally okay to be single and it’s no reason to brood or wallow in self-pity if you haven’t found someone to love you right.

That being said, although Valentine’s day is a day that love and relationship happiness is amplified before your eyes, you can totally make it worthwhile for yourself. Here’s how.

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Pamper yourself

Yes! While everyone else is busy getting all that TLC and cute little gift wrapper with millions of hearts, give yourself a treat. If you have to order food in from your favourite restaurant, buy yourself some chocolates or book a spa appointment then do it.

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Meet up with other single people

Let’s say you happen to be the only one in your group of friends without a boo, then its time to call up your single colleagues at work or church. Don’t be tempted to be a third-wheel by hanging out with all these loved up people. Just don’t! Spend time with single people and have the time of your life!

tolu seyi daniel valentine lqueenwrites blog

Show love to the real ones

Who said Valentine ‘s Day has to be about romance alone? You can get gifts for the people who are committed to making your life happier and healthier. Your Mom, your friends and confidants are people you should show love and appreciation to also. Get them thoughtful gifts not necessarily expensive, that shows how much they mean to you. Click here to see some inexpensive Valentine gift ideas or check here for some local options.

Binge Watch or Binge Read

For me, reading a book is an escape. If I were single, I’ll naturally reach for a book first to take my mind off how loved up and emotional everyone is getting on Valentine’s day. Alternatively, you can watch episodes of your favourite show on Netflix or aTv show as a means of escape from the Valentine Hullabaloo. Trust me it works. Read the Best Valentine Ever

Turn on some music and dance

There’s just something about turning up your speakers to the loudest volume and dancing till your heart’s content. After all, no one is watching. Music on its own is therapeutic, combining that with dance and probably some sweet things on the side is exactly what you need to feel happy and alive! So while everyone else is enjoying a candlelit dinner for two, you can live it up and revel in your room or apartment.

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Buy yourself flowers

Yes! Go ahead and order flowers for yourself now and have them delivered to you on Valentine’s Day. A gift to yourself by yourself. If people think it’s a stupid idea, remind them that no one else can love you more than yourself. Don’t be shy about it, do it and own it!

See Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 

tolu seyi daniel valentine lqueenwrites blog

Get dressed and be cute

If you decide to go out on Valentine’s Day make sure to dress up like you would if you had a date. Buy a new dress or Jacket if you can, new hair or haircut, a fresh manicure, classy makeup and add a big smile to your face. You might just happen to meet someone deserving on Valentine’s day, so it’s great to let them see how much you love yourself.

All the best! Remember Valentine’s Day is just another day on the calendar and just like every other day you should choose to be happy and live it up!

Do you have any tips for being single and happy on Valentine’s Day & beyond? Kindly share with us in the comments below.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine

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  1. Super advice Tolu. Even if you are married, I learned that self-love and acceptance precedes happiness. I had to love me, and accept me, and be comfortable being signal, before I met my wife, who is THE match for me. Rocking blog. Keep up the great work.


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