HELLO 2017

2017! It’s finally here!


How has it been so far? Have you gotten started towards the achievement of your goals yet? It’s always great to start the year by reflecting on the past year so that you can map out ways to challenge yourself in the New Year.
2016 was a great year for me, quite challenging but in the end I must say it’s one year I won’t forget in a hurry. As a person I grew and the blog also experienced some level of growth, I hope that this year would be much better.



Last year, we had quite a number of articles and short stories from here featured on other blogs. I started gaining more recognition as a writer. The blog opened its own Instagram page @Lqueenwrites and our already existing Facebook page has also grown. The blog changed its overall look and site url address, this helped people have easier access to blog posts. We also started a weekly newsletter and that helped us reconnect with old readers from 4 years ago, if you haven’t been getting the newsletter kindly subscribe to the blog to get post notifications and the weekly newsletters.

This year it is my goal to make the blog become more of a community and I hope you all become a part of it. If you have articles, stories and pictures you’ll like us to put on the blog, our Facebook and Instagram page kindly send them to [email protected]

The blog also reached some milestone number of views in a day, that’s a big deal for us and we appreciate all our readers both old and new.
If you are an entrepreneur, we would be running free profiling and adverts for business owners. Kindly contact us if you haven’t done so already on 08082292673. I also look forward to working with more brands this year. Just contact us if you are interested.

Last year I took on bigger responsibilities, I became a MOM.

It has been a very eye-opening experience and I look forward to more exciting experiences with my little champ this year. God revealed more of my purpose to me last year and I want to begin to live it by his grace. I started the year by attending a mind blowing worker’s retreat from my province and I haven’t recovered from that experience. God really opened my eyes to so many things during that retreat. I look forward to that of this year.
Like every other person, I had some highs and lows last year but each one of them made me a better and stronger person.

I took some online courses in creative writing last year and it helped me develop my writing skills more, I hope to enroll for more of them this year. I started doing my 1 minute or less singing videos on my personal Instagram page @Lqueentt and I’m really loving it. I would love to do more singing this year.

Last year, I finished writing my first book. Can you believe it? The things procrastination does to someone ehn….I thank God I overcame it anyway. Hopefully my book would be out this year. Another exciting thing I did last year, I wrote a song! Still looking for the best producer to work with or maybe I could land a record deal lol….everything in its time.

This year I intend to work with fellow writers and guest blog more. Last year, I reconnected with my darling blogger friends DEBWRITES and SKINNYBROWNIE and we have been comparing notes. So good to have you back in my life girls.

Towards the end of last year, I got a call to be the Editor of a young people magazine! Oh my days, I was too excited. I and some very talented young people have been working so hard on this and hopefully our first issue would be out in a few weeks! YAAAAAY!!! I’ll keep y’all posted on that too.

I intend to do more fun things this year, travel more, explore more, and enjoy this spectacular year of my life by the grace of God.

All in all, last year was a revelation year for me. I believe this year would be full of pleasant surprises for me. I hope you all would be part of my life as we journey through this year. Please subscribe to the blog, follow @Lqueenwrites and @Lqueentt on Instagram and like our Facebook page. Please don’t forget to send in your stories and articles, remember we are building a community now. I want your own write-ups to be published here also…..yes you! Thanks a lot.

So tell us a little of what you have lined up for this year, any New Year resolutions? I need your feedback; don’t be a ghost reader drop a comment here pretty please.

Have a pleasant surprises filled 2017.


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  1. 2016 was indeed a great year for me tho there were hard times. it was a year of breakthrough for me as an entrepreneur, I registered my business, I handled one big job like that gave me more recognition at the peak of the year. My business became an household name and I was also more financially dependent on my own in 2016. The great news for 2017 is that I will be getting married by God’s grace #excited and God will bless me with more clients.


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