Its December Baby!!!!

Hi Fam, I hope we all had a great weekend…mine was fabulous. We thank the Almighty for sparing our lives to see the last month in the year! And I appreciate Y’all who have been reading my articles all year round…means a lot. Muah!

Ok let’s talk holidays!!! Have you seen the streets, the churches…those beautiful decorations all over town? Christmas is here already!
So what are your plans? Are you going on a Christmas vacation with your family? Christmas weekend getaway with your boo?

Are you writing a list of all the people you’ll be giving gifts to this season? As in! I have no idea what to buy for the people on my list mehn! Hopefully I’ll figure it out soon.

All in all, its a season of love and happiness. A time of celebration as well as of reflection. Just in case there’s something you still want to achieve this year and you haven’t, remember that nothing is impossible.
It could still be a reality before the 31st! My bible tells me better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof…the whole of the year might have been terrible but your December could be your turn around season.

You don’t have to break the bank to have fun this season, just do the little things that count and make it worthwhile for your family and your special someone. Most importantly spend time with them and show them how special they are, if you haven’t done that all year round NOW is the time.
Also don’t forget to wrap up a gift for the ones you love no matter how little, your hubby, your boo,your siblings, your mama and don’t forget that caring neighbour too.

And eeerm I won’t mind some gifts too oh….hehehe

Share your love to all this season!

Have a fantastic December Y’all!

May we all live to see the new year by God’s divine grace!



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  1. Yaaay!!!!! DEC!!!! My month!!! Tolu nice one as usual. Hope I’m in ur gift list sha… Wishin u a prosperous month ahead…


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