How exactly do you feel?

Okay just look at this,we all graduated from school together,while some chose the safe path, some chose the path of uncertainties. They are called Entrepreneurs, i like to call them the risk takers. Salary earners have something to hope for at the end of the month…oga ta oga o ta…owo wan ma pe (oga sell,oga no sell their money no go reduce) however the entrepreneur only hopes that business would move,that he’ll sell his wares, that he’ll get contracts,that profit would be higher this month. It’s only the brave that can do stuff like that,it takes courage to turn down juicy offers and follow your own path….at the end of the day they have mouths to feed just like the salary earners,they’ve got bills to pay.Mama and Papa might not really understand what being an entrepreneur is since they retired from the railway corporation and they see Tokunbo’s mother enjoying the fruit of her labour after her son who was your class mate got a job with a multi-national company.

“So what is this entrepreneur thing anyway?”,Mama asks everytime.”Why don’t you just get yourself a job? I still have some contacts at the railway corporation”,Papa said. “Maybe they could be of help.”

Despite all odds the brave ones refuse, they follow their dreams tenaciously,never minding the days when there’s no dime in the pocket, forgetting the days when jobs are delivered yet customers refuse to pay up.

Y’all are the real MVP’S….I celebrate you!

Tag all your entrepreneur friends and if you are one celebrate yourself! If you have a minute, kindly comment and share with us how exactly you feel on the days when you’re uncertain about your choice of being an entrepreneur? How do you encourage yourself?

Just one of my muses…till i write you again, Peace, love and hugs.

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  1. My dear….on days like that, I just sign deeply and I sleep!

    But if you ask any entrepreneur, having the right people is always a good motivation to press on and keep the faith alive. Thank God for good friends.

    You once had the words I needed on such days even though you may not remember. You had the words. And I am grateful.

    We don’t look like what we’ve been through and the journey is on and destination is ahead


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