I had written something for today oh,but its quite lengthy and the kain laziness wey dey do me today ehn! I can’t even explain it. Anyway here’s another lil som’n som’n.

At some point or the other we all need help and when we find someone to render the much needed assistance, we would be happy. Only that these days nothing is freely given.

I remember back in my Uni days. It was the first semester of my first year. Being a fresher, I always liked to walk on my own then, was still trying to study the people who later became my friends in school.

After lectures that afternoon, I was strolling past my departmental building when one elderly man called me. As a yoruba girl, I have been taught to respect elders, so I hastened my steps as I walked towards him. I greeted him with a little bending of my knees and I could see the way he was beaming with smiles. “Omo daadaa le leyi” (this one is a good girl)must have been the thought running through his 40 something year old head.

He made inquiries of my full bio-data and I just kept answering the questions although I was not too ok with the way he was doling them out. It was like an interview. He introduced himself to me, then I realized he was an Oga at the top in my school.

He said he liked me because I appeared to be a good girl and he promised to help,protect and give me backing incase I ever encountered problems in school. I thanked him very much thinking I had found a ‘school daddy’ only for him to say ‘the only thing I want you to do is to love me’.

To say I was shocked is an understatement, I took my eyes to his hand and the gold ring on his wedding finger looked back at me. I had heard stories of stuff like that but then it was happening to me. It was REAL.
Thank God I was able to avoid the man sha…I gave him one fake number although he still stalked me for a while.

Fast forward to right now, service year is gradually coming to an end. I can’t tell you how happy I am about this but believe me I’m overjoyed. I was gisting with my very dear friend and sister about the job search thing last week, when she narrated the story of how her boss promised to retain her in the office if only she could be his lover.

This ‘daddy‘ is someone she respects a lot and looks up to as a father figure. But the old man said he will only help secure the job if she becomes his assistant wife.

This just keeps me wondering. Why do some men who are supposed to play fatherly or brotherly roles give such conditions to us before rendering help? I think its quite unfair…

Some people can not epp without asking for something in return…lol

What do you think? Share your thoughts please.

Have a fabulous week Y’all.



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  1. Dis is quite real…cos it did happen 2 me when I was in pre-degree,@ 1st thought I had found a school daddy jst like u said nd l8r realized all wat he wanted 4rm me was 2 ve sex wif me,so I took 2 my heels.he promised me heaven nd earth such as high grades,money nd all sort.I stood my ground dat such isn’t my way.

  2. Hello dearie, au re U̶̲̥̅̊? Tanx for this piece o. Abeg this Ȋ̝̊̅§ happening everywhere. Married men should learn to cleave to their wives and their wives only. It has happened to me too but tanx to God am free from their disturbance. My dear U̶̲̥̅̊ ve done well…..Oghadinma


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