It’s hard to be a nice person these days and I mean it. All the harmless things one could do to help others have suddenly become potential sources of kobalization. Let me paint clear pictures. Before now, you could enter a bus and help someone carry their luggage if it is too heavy for them and it won’t mean a thing but now you have to think twice coz you can never tell what they have in the so called luggage. Before now, you can be driving by the road and help out someone who is trekking without fear of being robbed or killed but you better not try that these days. Back then, you can help an old man or woman with their load without fear of being used for rituals but today you better just keep walking and let them jejely carry their own load.

Before now, you can be travelling out of the country and help everyone on your street send something to their loved ones abroad but you dare not try that now, the way NDLEA will bring out cocaine from elubo you will fear your neighbours and their packaging skills.

I was once fond of helping people carry their children when I board a bus, you know that scenario when a mother pays for one seat and brings in 2 toddlers and a baby at her back. I’ll just quickly grab one to ease off stress from the mother but you know since I heard the story of how someone helped carry a baby in the bus and the baby died in his hands i became afraid. The baby had obviously been sick but the man thought it was the heat that was making the baby uncomfortable so he helped carry the baby but unfortunately the baby died. That’s one major akoba situation.

Before now a man could carry a female toddler without fear but with the cases of child molestation these days you have to think twice before your harmless gesture is misunderstood.

I heard the story of a man who was driving within his estate and some people asked for directions to a place since it was not too much of a distance he offered to give them a ride being a good samaritan but that was his undoing they collected his car, his phones, his watch and all the money he had on him and dumped him beside a bush. Luckily his car had a tracking device and the police was able to get it ba
ck. Tell me how that kind of person would be willing to give anyone a ride again?
I normally feel bad when I see people in need but I can’t help because I’m avoiding kobalization, have you had any of such experiences? Is it still safe to be a good samaritan?

Akoba Adaba Oloun ma je ka ri ooo…

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