I learnt that it’s a really small world


Hey guys, how was your weekend?
Mine was lit!
My bestie got married!!!

Bestie and I
Bestie and I

I mean I was too excited ( I still am) Yet to recover from the fun I had at the party. Congratulations to all the new couples from last weekend especially I wish y’all happy married life.


OK let’s gist, I haven’t traveled long distance by road in a looooong time but I couldn’t miss my sugar’s wedding for anything in the world.

I didn’t want to go alone so I called up one of my friends to come with me and thankfully she agreed.
Thank God for friends ooo

So while we were on the journey, she told me her dad was also going to attend an event in the same town we were headed and I was surprised although I didn’t put much thought to it.

The roads were pretty rough, almost all major routes undergoing repairs. Julius berger,RCC etc The driver was racing and I kept shouting “ejo sir oooo….omo mi shi kere oooo e saanu mi ” loool
Thanks to the almighty God , we got there in one piece.

We decided to put a call through to her dad to let him know we had arrived safely. He started asking questions about the venue and to my surprise he was coming to the same wedding. He ordered her to introduce herself to the groom as his daughter immediately she sees him. I introduced her to the groom later that evening and she relayed the message from her dad.
Lo and behold! we got to know that the groom and my supposed follow come friend are related!
Wow! What a small world. I can’t remember how many times I said that but I said it a lot of times.

She thought she won’t know a soul at the wedding but unknown to her the groom was a relative of hers.
The bride immediately started calling her “sis in law” (in jenifa’s voice)

The world is a very small place I tell you.
Most of us have encountered the “small world” phenomenon – that striking coincidence that emerges while chatting to a stranger at a party when you discover that the two of you have a mutual friend or acquaintance.

Sometime ago I went to Idumota to buy things and after I was done ,getting a bus back home became a problem. As soon as I spotted a bus I struggled like a proper Lagos girl and I got a seat. I noticed a fair lady who was standing with me earlier was still outside. She looked lost coz she wasn’t used to the bus hopping thing so I dropped my bag and told the others that I kept a space for my friend although I didn’t even know her name or who she was at the time. I called her in, she thanked me and sat down.
The following week, I walked into one of the banks and there she was. She was so happy to see me, she ran to me and introduced herself. I really didn’t notice her when I got in, it was the queue that scared me. She helped me with my transactions and in no time I was out of the bank despite the long queues.

It really is a small world darlings.If you ever think you would land in a place where no one knows you at all, It would amaze you to discover that there’s someone that knows someone that knows another someone that knows you.

Let’s endeavor to be good to everyone irrespective of whether they are familiar faces or not. It might not be so easy but we can if we try. You can never tell if you are related to someone or if you have a mutual friend. Even Facebook should teach us something about that. Have you ever had any small world eye opening experience, kindly share with me. Drop a comment below….pretty pleaseeeee

In the spirit of Christmas be nice to your neighbors ooooo don’t say because rice is now expensive you won’t share the love of christmas rice *winks*


Have fun and enjoy the best of the season…Don’t forget our Christmas giveaway is still on and also kindly follow me on Instagram @lqueentt and the blog’s instagram page @lqueenwrites

I Love you all,feel free to drop your Christmas messages to me in the comment section also.

Peace,love and Chicken bones.


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  1. Hmmmmmmmm…my own na miracle sef. My wife and I were tryn to relocate last year. It was september and our rent would expire October ending; we dint want to say a day extra so we started looking. We got a place where our friends stay. A nice comfy 2bed in the same compound with our friends but it was goin for 400k as againt d 250 we were paying. By faith, we spoke with d caretaker, pleaded and pleaded for th price to b reviewed downward since our neighbours in a more lush 3bed in dt compound were paying 400k too. D man said ours had tiles everywhere and POP too…we said ‘Oga, come and remove it o’…Lolz…
    I told the man that we were not ready cos I wanted to exhaust my current rent by October so we wd just keep in touch and see if d place was still available by den (actually, money no dey…Lolz…).
    Long story short, 2days before expiration of rent, I called d man to pls accept 400k at d time so we wd pay d agreement&agency later. He refused. Hands tied, I made d transfer that night and we moved in the next day.
    As the bus bringing our things drove into d compound that Saturday morning, my wife looked up to the balcony of the first floor and exclaimed “Mummy! Daddy!”…Lolz…
    Long story shorter, the caretaker is the younger brother of the owner (resident abroad), both of whose elder sister is the wife of my wife’s father’s childhood and very good friend till date. Strange reunion…
    I had to quickly revisit d rent issue nau…D caretaker confessed that he got other offers but actually reserved d place for us cos somehow, wenever I spoke with him, I was always polite&all. First of all, he paid me d agreement fee, saying since Im a lawyer, I should prepare it myself, den d rent was reduced (not as much as I would have liked…but…u know…)
    It really is a small world o.

  2. I experienced mine when I went to a friend’s hostel to say ” hi” and met another friend of hers there ,along the line I got talking with my friend’s friend and somehow I asked her for permission to go through her pictures. She was like don’t look at it finish and say “you know my Bobo o or you know a girl he’s seeing ” I laughed and was like haba. I was scrolling through the pictures and then I stumbled on my cousin’s face,I had to ask ‘how did you know Debo’ and she was like he’s going to be the best man on her wedding because Debo,my cousin is her fiancé ‘s best friend…she had to call my cousin to confirm cos she was really shocked.

  3. I experienced the small world phenomenon over the weekend too at the Lagos Airport. The person that attended to me at the check in point saw my surname which was same as his and we began talking. Fortunately, he knows my dad well and used to work with my uncle. We were even from the same LGA. Thank God I wasn’t rude to him before we got talking out of frustration!


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