Let’s all be Forming


Many of us are guilty of this one. Forming things.You would see someone from your hood back in the days or an old primary school mate and you’ll act like you don’t recognise the face. Haba! What’s with the attitude(shakara) anyway?

For quite a while, I have been seeing this guy in the area he would drive by and act like he doesn’t know who I was, many times I’ll try to get eye contact and say hello but he’ll carry his nose up like he doesn’t know me. Forming tinz…Haaaa…issokay.

Na so one day na, he came to use the ATM in front of my office and his card got stuck, apparently he didn’t have a dime on him and it was a Friday evening after banking hours. I came outside to see a customer of mine and bam! there he was pacing up and down. He was talking to the security men trying to inquire how he could get his card back, when they saw me step out they asked him to see me. Lo and behold, my guy humble by force.

He started approaching me with that shameful grin on his face and me sef I acted like I didn’t see him.Yelz of coz.

I turned to face the customer who was waiting to see me first and I made him wait for about 7-10 minutes before asking him what he wanted.

He started with the fake accent “Hi, eerm actually my card got stuck in the ATM,I was asked to see you.” I laughed, ” wo bi, don’t you know this face?” I asked.

“Actually I do but I can’t place it” he said with a sheepish smile on his oblong face. I asked him to come back on Monday to see if his card could be retrieved. Then at that point he had no choice than to open up to me,he had no dime on him. I went back into the office and got my purse and gave him some money. Ever since then we became good friends.

Another scenario was one an old uni mate told me, she said she came to the Redemption camp for Holy ghost service and then at some point she needed to go to the loo when she got there she met a queue,as she was joining she saw one of our hostel mates from Uni but she refused to say hello.When she couldn’t hold it in anymore she humbled herself and went to meet the other lady who was a member of the sanitation team in charge of the rest room and that was how she was saved from disgrace. Imagine if she actually let forming have its way. She for don shit for body Hehehe

Many times we run into people that we used to know from back in the days and then we begin to avoid them, not like it would do us harm if we greet them ooooo its just a shakara this forming issue. Why she sef no greet me? we often forget that some of these people can be of help to us.

Some of us know people from back in the days who have become influential and successful but instead of being humble and asking for help we just keep saying I used to know that dude or that chic,we are quick to assume that they won’t help and it’s not in all cases ooooo some successful people still have a good head on their neck, down to earth and still reckon with people from their roots. They understand that we meet people for a reason.

That your bunk mate, class mate, old church member etc can be of help to you or you could be of help to them at some point in life. I’m not saying you have to keep close ties with everyone but at least be civil.

Say hi to them and go your way, not that you act like you don’t know who they are. You might have gone far ahead of them but that doesn’t mean you should feel like they are not worth your
15 seconds “hello,long time.Good to see you”.

Everyone is important if you are not too proud to accept that everyone is important. You feel me?

Next time I see you and you start forming like say u no know me ehn…I comment my reserve. *winks*

So tell me have you ever been snubbed by someone you used to know? Share your gist biko…drop a comment.

Have a blissful week.

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  1. Ahahahahahahaha, humans tho.

    On my part, whenever I see someone I know, even when I cannot recollect where I know you or we don’t used to talk back then I will still famz. And some will still go on and snub, when they do that I just keep on moving…

  2. Nice. I have actually been in such situations severally. …infact at some point I thought I wasn’t pretty enough for them to “remember” we went to school together. One day oh…at the mall…that’s how this chic who even used to be dark back in school and aff now turn white pretended not to know me. I even managed to greet as a good girl. She snubbed. I ignored and continued to window shop with my husband. Fast forward into shoprite…she was infront of us on the queue and bam! POS no work. And aunty didn’t have cash in hand. We had to pay for her bread. That’s when she remembered “you were Lydia’s neighbor in Block D yea?” i just smiled and said goodbye. I blamed the forgetfulness on bleaching cream though…but as you don talk say na forming, i will leave it at that….

    1. Not pretty enough? Hia! That’s a lie from the pit of hell! I wonder what the big deal is, just say hi and move-on nobody asked them to hug and blow kisses. Just don’t waka pass as if you don’t know someone…it’s not nice.
      Thanks for reading.

  3. Nice write up. Most times you walk up to people to say “hi remember me” they start to form with fake accent. So for me if we were not really close or had a close contact or relationship, I would rather just walk away but if I see that the person is also looking at me to place my face or where we have met I will walk up to the person and introduce myself.


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