This last week was extremely depressing. From Monday all through to Friday, it was one tragic news to the other. It broke my heart to return home after a stressful Monday, only to hear that a very dear friend’s mother had passed. It was so shocking coz there was no prior sickness or ‘brief illness’ as they always put it. I felt so sad for my friend, I prayed tirelessly for God to comfort my friend knowing how much she loved her mum. Theirs’ was more than a mother-daughter relationship, they shared a tighter bond like friends and sisters would.
Tuesday greeted me with the news of the demise of my very own distant relation. I just remembered the last time I saw her and it just broke my heart to know that I won’t get to see that smile on her face again. Yet another painful loss!

I believed Wednesday would be different only to hear of another painful demise. A friend and colleague of my mum lost the battle to breast cancer. She was also a next door neighbor at one time and I just couldn’t keep the tears from pouring down. I remember my parents had gone to see just some weeks back and they had brought news that she appeared to be much stronger than before. It’s so hard to believe she’s really gone.

On Thursday, I braced myself for the challenges of another day only to hear of the tragic plane crash that took away innocent souls. It was just too painful to take in the fact that they wanted to go for a funeral and then they also ended up losing their own lives. What a great loss!

Friday was the most traumatic for me. A friend lost her dear Uncle and guardian. I was still trying to console her when I got shocking news. I cried so much, my head hurt like it would fall off. My next door neighbor and fellow ex-corp member in Taraba state was reported dead after a brief Typhoid illness. God! I still can’t believe that vibrant young guy who made me laugh so much and made my service year so much fun had passed on. I wept uncontrollably….all I could think of was the last conversation we had on phone, the times when we rehearsed dance routines together, when we ate together…. His voice kept replaying in my head…..I’m getting teary eyed again I should probably stop.

Life is Transient; no one knows when the transition to the afterlife would come. Death is inevitable; death could come at any time. No one knows what could happen the next minute…only God does. While I kept crying over all these tragic transitions, my mind also kept reminding me that’s it’s not just about how or when we die but we should live right so that whenever we are taken, there’s something left for people to remember of us. It goes beyond your immediate family. Asides your close inner circle, have you touched the life of someone totally random that can make that person remember you even long after you are gone?

Some of us are not even in close ties with our own family, it’s only when they die we begin to wish we had spent more time with them. In the lyrics of Naeto C’s Share my Blessings he said ‘Keep your loved ones close, coz they don’t live twice’. Have you spent time quality time with the members of your household this year?

Life is too short to hate someone forever. Let go of whatever hurt and hate in your heart. Forgive freely, Love God, Be kind to others. Leave your own footprints on the sands of time. Let people remember you long after you are gone for the impact you have made. We don’t know how long we’ll remain here; don’t wait till you are old. Start making impacts from now. Let the hearts you touch be the proof that you lived…like Beyonce sang. Let your being alive make a difference in another person’s life.

Also remember that there is a God, just in case you have been living life without consciousness of him. You had better make a reconnection to your maker, he gave you the breath of life and he can take it whenever he pleases. Reconnect to your source!

I still can’t believe all these is real but I pray for comfort for all the bereaved families and I ask that God will grant them strength to carry on. Let’s just believe our lost loved ones have transitioned to a better place. A place where there’s no more pain and no more sorrow…

R.I.P Mummy Adegboyega
R.I.P Mummy Adegbeyin
R.I.P Mummy Mafunaya
R.I.P Uncle T
R.I.P to the Associated Airline Crash Victims
R.I.P Timothy Eja a.k.a Too Tight.
God help us all.
Have a great week.
Love y’all,


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