If there’s anything I know love is capable of doing, I know it can make you believe so much in a person. It gets to a point when you love someone so much, you believe in their words and their every action no matter what. Love is something that makes you see the best in a person and ignore every other bad trait. Love is an investment.

One of the big mistakes we often make in relationships is focusing on what people are right now instead of what they could become. If you truly love a person, you won’t be among those to write him/her off but you’ll be there as a rock to stand by him/her towards the fulfillment of their dreams. You’ll see the potentials he/she possesses on the inside and instead of looking down on them critically you’ll find ways to help them rise higher.

Don’t just leave a person and say he/she is not good enough or he/she is not up to your standards coz words like that can kill a person’s self esteem. Some people have no idea the effect the words of their mouth have on the live of others. Some people have had to go through the worst rejection when the people they truly loved said the most spiteful things to them.

It is true that people cannot always be exactly how you want them to be but you can build your relationship with them by gaining their trust, respect and by encouraging and challenging them to be better. Not by out rightly shutting them out.

I’ve come to realize that treating people the way you want them to be makes them more likely to become that sort of person. Not by disregarding them or making them feel less but by sowing a seed of love into their lives, complimenting and encouraging their little efforts to do better.
If you truly love someone, you’ll care enough to invest in them, believe in them and encourage them.
We’ve seen cases where a totally educated man falls in a love with an uneducated lady and before you know it, her life is completely changed. This is because he saw beyond what the ordinary eyes could see in her and decided to invest in her and polished her to shine. Now when he’s done with polishing her, that’s when the other men would now begin to look her way….predators.

The investment process might not be easy but when the time is right, it would be worth it. All you have to do is just hang in there, support them, and encourage them. Be their greatest cheer leader. Praise them, compliment them and don’t take them for granted. Be free with your compliments, don’t just think it but vocalize it.

We all already have so many people who love to point out what we are doing wrong but as a true lover, you should be among the few to point out the things your significant other is doing right while encouraging him/her to do better in the other areas.

The best way to love someone is to bring out the best in them, sometimes they can’t even see it but you should be interested enough to spot it out. God put you in their lives so that you could add value to it.
Remember, you might not have that man/woman in your life forever but it is wise to always make him/her remember you for the great impact you made.

I wish y’all a lovely week. God is Love.



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  1. Tanx for this piece, God bless U̶̲̥̅̊ dear. Its quite unfortunate dat guys of nowadays are self- centred,’though not all but some av seen and heard of, all they want Ȋ̝̊̅§ ready made. They re not ready to encourage nor compliment their partner. Baby, wiv this piece liberation Ȋ̝̊̅§ inevitable…Remember, change Ȋ̝̊̅§ constant K…lol

  2. Hmmmm… Tolu is dis a personal experience?…… Love is an investment… Investment is d perfect word to use because like in a real investment its wat u put in d investment dat it will bring out. So if u invest positively in sum1 u love u guys would av a wonderful life together 😀


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