Hi, Lovelies!!! Meeting your lover’s parents (In-laws) is a huge step in your relationship because it means you are now involved with a family and not just the person. This topic was highly requested on our Facebook page, so I decided to share my knowledge on this with you.

While writing this and sharing my thoughts for this blog post with a friend she requested that I also talk about how to sustain a good relationship with your in-laws when you are already married, so this post might have a sequel. Fingers crossed.

So I’m touching on everything from what to wear, what to buy, what to say, how to act and so on, all these and more are discussed in the Get ready with me/chit chat video below (WATCH) but if reading is your thing, scroll down and keep reading.

Whether you are a guy or a lady, the idea of meeting the parents of someone you are romantically involved with would get you nervous. Just like a job interview, you might not really be able to predict what could happen so you just have to keep your fingers crossed and do your best to ensure that the first meeting turns out great coz you know the saying, “First Impressions last longer”

So here are a few tips to help you make your first meeting with your in-laws a hit back to back! You know I gat you.

Before Meeting your In-laws

  • Find out a little about them, their interests, their background and the kind of gifts you could get them
  • Ask your partner what the likely questions would be and prepare your answers constructively, remember you need to give this your best shot
  • Buy a gift according to the findings you made, make sure it is well packaged and presentable
  • Pick out a decent outfit that portrays you as the responsible person you really are. Ladies be modest, no cleavage exposure, no ripped jeans, no excessive makeup etc. Guys no rings, no earrings, no exposure of tattoos and no casual outfits like shorts etc. Ensure that you use cologne and make sure your breath is fresh!

On the Day you meet your In-laws

  • Depending on their culture, greet accordingly. Bow, kneel, prostrate whatever you have to do, do it well. Show them you are respectful and well-cultured.
  • Smile! This can not be overemphasised, don’t go there looking all grumpy. Smile! But please don’t do it excessively, except you want things to get awkward. LOL!
  • Speak Up!  Be confident. When asked questions make sure your voice is loud enough, so they don’t have to strain their ears or ask you to repeat yourself multiple times
  • Make conversation: Based on your findings on their interests you can ask questions, be friendly, don’t let the whole conversation revolve around you alone.
  • Eat what you are offered even if you don’t like it, just try. Accepting what they offer you is a way of showing you are glad to be with them.
  • Give Compliments: If the food tastes good, give a compliment, if the house looks nice give a compliment. You know how they say people never forget compliments, they won’t forget what you said and how you made them feel at the first meeting.
  • Let them know how you feel about their son or daughter, it warms the hearts of parents to know someone other than them genuinely loves their child.
Mother in law like no other

If you need ideas for fun things to talk about with your In-laws, you could:

  • Ask for family photos and let the parents show you other family members or siblings of your lover in the photos
  • Ask his/her mum about his childhood, childhood stories always help and makes everyone laugh
  • Tell your In-laws the story about how you two met.

After the First Meeting with your In-laws

  • Call to inform them you arrived home safely
  • Appreciate them for meeting with you and tell them you would love to see them soon again

In conclusion, meeting In-laws for the first time could turn out to be fun, you just need to keep an open mind and adhere to the tips above.

All the best my lovelies!




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