Naomi and I have been friends for 12 years…..if not 14 sef! She knows me so well and understands me more than anyone I can think of. We work in different cities but our friendship remained intact regardless. At a certain time I lost my job and it was like life would end but like a strong pillar Naomi stood by me and made sure I got back on my feet. People always felt our friendship was weird because I was single although Naomi had a fiancé abroad we were good friends.

Don’t get any funny ideas, it was just friendship. True friendship and in all honesty, no particular kind of strings attached. Her parents knew my parents because all along we grew up in the same neighbourhood and we visited our respective families at the same time. I got a new job in an oil company and after two years as a contract staff I was given full employment. It came with an official car and many other things I only saw in my imagination.

And then the nagging started, my mum would always disturb me and ask me to bring a girl home. My elder sisters and friends also kept bothering me to get married. I went on several dates and yet nothing ever clicked. My friends would gist me about people they felt would be a perfect match for me but it never went beyond a week, I got bored of all of them so easily.

This went on and on for another 2 years and then something happened. Naomi went on leave and decided to visit her lover abroad; on getting there she realized he was preparing to get married to someone else over there. The shock affected her so much that when she came back to the country she landed at the hospital. Her younger sister knew I had always been her best friend; I had to take the next flight to Lagos to see Naomi. I took a casual leave from work for 2 days in order to be there for Naomi.

When I saw Naomi it took a lot of my manly ego to deter me from bursting into tears, her face had shrunk into half its size. When she opened her eyes and saw me beside her, she smiled. I think it was at that moment I told myself I can’t be with anyone else. Naomi and I had seen the worst of times together. From the concotion rice she would make when I was broke in our UNI days, to the NYSC days when she would visit me in Enugu all the way from Benue where she served, the time I lost my job, she stood by me in every single way.

Naomi got better and gradually she went back to her normal self. She encouraged me to get into the dating game and give her a grandchild; she always talked like she was my mother. One day she came to Port-Harcourt for a meeting and we met at the eatery close to the hotel where she was lodged. She started her usual teasing about the beautiful girls in PH and that I should hurry up and choose one so we could plan my wedding together. At that moment, I told her my mind ‘what is the need of searching for any woman when I have you right here?’ Naomi was shocked; I guess she never saw it coming. She told me to give her time to think about it but as for me my mind was made up.

It’s another valentine season and I can’t help but flashback to the memory of my confession of love to my best friend for LIFE. I will forever treasure that moment for ever…..

That best friend of yours could eventually be the true love you have been searching for……the thing wey I dey find go Sokoto dey my Shokoto. What is the need of searching so far when it’s so close? We find love in the most unexpected ways…..

Have an amazing Val’s Day…..Show that special someone that you truly care.

Inspired by a true life story…….

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  1. That’s a good one but am so confused here . What if ur friend is in a relationship already but still loves u? Waiting for ur reply ma.


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