Hello my beloveth Som’n Som’n Readers, I believe we all had a great weekend…I sure did. This year is fast rolling away…November already!

I remember January just like yesterday but all the same, we thank God for everything. Sometimes in our lives, we go through so much pain and we begin to wonder if we can live past it, as time goes by, we realize we might not be able to forget it all but we become strong enough to forge ahead.

At the beginning of this year, I’m sure a lot of us wrote out goals,targets and things we set out to achieve. I know I did…I remember reading out my goals to myself everyday of January while listening to Jaywon’s “This Year”. If you don’t have that song you need to have it….its a classic!

I don’t know if just like me, you also had targets and goals for this year. So how far? Have you achieved any? One? Two? None? All? If you are still working at it, I tell you its not too late for your dreams to come true.

Earlier on this year, I had a friend who used to say he’ll get married this year. Sadly, in February his lover of a few years broke up with him and I really felt bad for him, thinking his goal of tying the knot this year won’t come true but today, my friend is a married man with a gorgeous damsel as his bride.

I was one of those guilty of saying I can’t wait for another year coz of the things planned for the year, but God showed me recently that he’s still capable of blowing my mind this year.

He gave me something new,
something I never thought possible. Sometimes, its at that point when we want to give up that God shows up. Don’t give up yet, believe that God can! He’s never late. He has the best in store for you.

Is it concerning a job? It could be your relationship, your business,marriage, academics…whatever it is. Believe that its possible to have your dreams come alive even as the year rolls out. Don’t stop working at it, don’t stop dreaming & never stop believing.

You can still have something new in November!

That Job you want….it can still be yours this year
That Love your heart desires….it could be just around the corner.
Stay Positive….Anything and Everything is Possible with GOD.

Believe and you shall Receive!

Have a fabulous week ahead Y’all.



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