I hope we all had a great weekend. I had an amazing one. Congrats to all the newlyweds, the newly engaged and those who had their introductions. More weddings coming soon…Yaaay!

Yesterday I was gisting with my friend and her sisters and we were talking about wedding gifts. There are so many weddings lined up for the rest of the year and one can only begin to budget what to give each couple considering the total number.

My friend narrated how she had gone to a wedding and when it was time to bring gifts, someone brought a standing fan for the couple. Now of course that’s a thoughtful gift but the funny thing about it was that the person had set it up in a ready to use manner. Well, maybe he wanted them to use it immediately for the night…lol. Then again he beautified it and made a bow-tie like ribbon on it…. I couldn’t help but laugh at her description of the fan.

I also told them of how I had gone for a wedding and someone wrapped a plastic baby bath for the couple. Which is of course normal for the Yoruba people, they expect the cry of a baby ASAP. You should see how the mothers tease the new bride only a few weeks after the wedding….awon iya yen sha…lol.

We were looking at a wedding invitation card in which the couple already stated clearly that they wanted only cash gifts. So all those pots& coolers better not be found at their wedding venue.

Well it’s good to make that clear from the invitation, so that the guests can package their envelopes and cheques well before leaving home. But eerm…couples to be should also bear it in mind that we are tired of getting jotters, mugs, bowls, hand-fans and trays all the time. I can’t even count how many I have in this house. Let’s have some other nice souvenirs biko.

I do agree with the cash only gift system tho….it’s easier to carry and gives the couple the choice to buy what they really need. I think it’s the reason why people have wedding websites abroad, so that everyone has an idea of what the couple wants and there are no multiples of the same gift items.

Anyway, please if your wedding is soon, let’s have some really creative souvenirs….you don’t have to have a cut-throat budget. Some of the nice unusual things don’t cost too much.

Dear reader, what’s the funniest wedding gift you have seen someone give or that you have received? What’s the funniest wedding souvenir you have gotten? I once got a pair of bathroom slippers….how about you? Let’s hear you.

Have an amazing week.



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