Appreciating people can never go out of style. Sometimes we tend to take people for granted thinking “after all it is easy and I could do it myself”, but you didn’t! Someone took their time if not energy to do it for you.

Saying “please” and “thank you” has never hurt anyone; rather it has made things easier or has gotten things done.

We tend to have a sense of entitlement especially to parents, children, partners or even friends. You see, the reality is that no one owes you anything. Yes, they are there to probably make life easier and our journey through life happier but they are not under compulsion to do anything for us. So we should learn to say “please” when we want to ask for something no matter how inconsequential you think it is.

Nobody wants to be taken for granted and if people go out of their way to get things done for us or make compromises and sacrifices for our sake, we should appreciate them. No matter how little what they have done for is, Yorubas will say “Eni to ba dupe ore ana a ri omiran gba”( if you show appreciation for something you have paved the way for more gifts).

Even if the holy book said to do good without expecting rewards; how often have we felt angry because someone you did something for or gave something to didn’t say “thank you”? “Eni ta se l’ore ti ko dupe, o dabi olosa koni l’eru lo ni” (roughly translates to when you do something for someone and the person does not give thanks, it feels like you have been robbed).

If you fail to show appreciation, you might have unknowingly blocked someone else from being blessed because the doer might feel it is not worth it. If you have read the Bible, there was a part where Jesus Christ healed ten lepers and only one came back to thank him.

The Bible said even Jesus asked where the other nine were. It doesn’t cost us anything to pleasantly ask for help and it is so much worth it to give thanks for a kind gesture, you never know what your appreciation might get you in the future.

‘THANK YOU’ is one word that should never stay far from your lips!

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