I’m sure when you saw the title of this post, you must have been wondering what L’queen means by One way traffic again. Ok I’ll shed more light…now for those who stay in Gidi and its environs we understand what our beloveth Danfo drivers sometimes do in order to beat traffic. But this one way traffic I’m talking about is a lil different from that.

I was having a girl time convo with two of my friends sometimes ago when one of them started her usual complain session. She lamented on her boyfriend’s one way traffic attitude.

I don’t know if any one reading has ever been in a relationship where your partner would rather tweet or text all day than talk to you even when you are right beside him/her. Not that there’s a quarrel but he/she is just so rigid, has no sense of humour and doesn’t know how to unwind or play….BORING!!!

Most ladies I know want a man they can gist,laugh,play and make jokes with but not all guys are like that.

Some guys/girls are so dull or let’s call it boring, they can’t keep a conversation going. People like myself would usually try to start up a fun conversation to loosen up the atmosphere but it doesn’t work with one way traffic people. They don’t laugh at jokes and even when they do its only for a split second.
They would rather stay alone than enjoy the company of their partner, yet in your absence they will tell fake stories of how much they miss you….oh puleeez!

One way traffic people are very “Yes and No-ish” they never go into details, all their convos are very straight forward just one way…no bend, no curves. Boring! Another annoying thing is, they make it hard to leave them coz u might not just be able to place your finger on what they have done wrong only that they bore you so much you might even cry.

What can one do with such people? Are you a one way traffic person? Have you met one before? How can we help them?

Please share your views! Thanks

Have a lovely week ahead.



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