Yeni flung her laptop on the couch. The Weekend. Finally!

She glanced at her phone, it was two minutes before 7. Her date would be here anytime soon. It was this guy she had been chatting with on twitter for about 2 months now. He had been retweeting all her tweets for 3 weeks straight before he finally mustered the courage to slide into her DM.

She stayed up for his DM’s, turned on post notifications for his posts, each text made her smile like a Cheshire cat. Each emoji left her thinking of the next…this online lover has her heart. They both wanted to make their virtual relationship real, it was high time.

It was their first date tonight and although she was knackered she was looking forward to seeing his handsome face. She wore a navy blue bodycon dress and applied her signature red lippie.

Anthony pulled up at her gate, he honked twice.

He had fallen for this one, beauty with brains. She wasn’t the kind to be overlooked. He wanted more than the online affair.

He texted her on Whatsapp to let her know he was the one honking at her gate.

Yeni hurriedly locked her door and ran to his car. Anthony pulled her in for a hug that lasted longer than necessary, he opened the door and she got in.

OMG! He smells so good, Yeni thought.

He asked her for her music preference for the long drive. She told him she’ll like Everybody Knows.

What a gentleman, she thought.

She sang along as John Legend’s rich voice breathed out of the speakers, Anthony hummed along too. Yeni silently giggled, it warmed her heart that the man knew her favourite song.

He kept stealing side glances at her as he drove, they didn’t talk much. Yeni spent time taking in his face as he drove. After her favourite song ended he knew the next one to play, he played Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. Yeni got butterflies in her tummy, he is doing all the right things jeez.

Yeni is a sucker for love, a hopeless romantic if you like that description better. She was into the whole gentleman and lady thing. Anthony drove into the parking lot of the Valet, he opened the door again and Yeni got out of the car.

It was a nice serene environment, the view behind it was the sea. Perfect choice for a romantic first date, Yeni commended him. He smiled.

They had a nice dinner, he bought her favourite wine and as time passed they got up to catch a clearer view of the sea with their hands locked together.

Everything about the night was so beautiful, even the night breeze was soothing. It was such a romantic atmosphere, Yeni craved Anthony’s kiss so bad but she managed to stay composed. This one is a keeper, she thought.

What if he ends up being the one? The Man of my dreams….

She was still lost in thought when Anthony pulled the ultimate surprise, he tucked into his pocket and brought out a small case. OMG!!! He is not about to propose on the first date or is he?



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