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She was still lost in thought when Anthony pulled the ultimate surprise, he tucked into his pocket and brought out a small case. OMG!!! He is not about to propose on the first date or is he?

He opened the small case and it was a sparkling necklace with Yeni written on the pendant, the I on the necklace was dotted with a love symbol.

Yeni was relieved but at the same time stunned, he’s so sweet she thought.

The necklace looked expensive and boy, it was really beautiful.

She made a mental note to herself, not to wear it at night before she would have it yanked off her neck by the Agberos in Berger.

He pulled her closer and wore it around her neck.

Do you like it? he asked trying her to catch the facial expression.

Of course, I love it. Thank you, Anthony. Yeni smiled sheepishly

I really want to be with you Yeni, but I need a little time to sort things out before I can fully commit. I have so much going in my life right now but please, I don’t want to lose you.

Yeni couldn’t understand, she pulled back from his embrace.

Anthony, what exactly is going on and how long would I have to wait?

I promise it won’t be for too long, I’ll try and sort everything out as fast as possible, it’s a little complicated but please believe me. Anthony reassured her

Yeni was having the chills, she didn’t like what she was hearing. As much as she liked Anthony, his statement sounded really scary. Ah mean, it was their first date after the whole online love and exvhange of emojis

Which one is the not fully commit yet part he was talking about again, she was having that ayam noh understanding moment. Lol

The necklace he just gave her was a promise that he would commit to her but not just right now. She was curious as to what this sorting out thing he mentioned was all about but Anthony’s strong reassuring gaze made her forget her inquisitive mood.

She hugged him again and just stayed in his warm embrace trying to get her thoughts straight. The man’s not hot…he was the perfect man crush in looks and behaviour so far

place value on your passion

They had desert and enjoyed the blues playing from the bar area, Anthony offered to drop her off again. She tried to convince him not to stress himself twice but he insisted. She could have easily taken a cab.

Yeni thought he was being romantic, she let it slide.

He bought some snacks for her saying she might need to munch on something since their dinner was light, Anthony was a complete 10/10.

The drive home was a little quiet, Yeni dozed off a couple of times. Anthony used that moment to steal glances of her face again.

He was in love with this girl, his online lover Yeni but he didn’t want her to come into the mess his life is right now.

Their meeting online and maintaining their relationship virtually was safe, when she asked to meet up he couldn’t refuse. His heart was racing all through the date but he managed to stay composed

I have a lot of clean up to do, he thought. It’s almost like trying to eat my cake and have it but I hope she will be patient enough to wait for me.

He drove into her estate, Yeni smelled the familiar air and woke up.

Anthony spotted a Red Dodge Car in front of him and he tensed up immediately, he came around the curve too fast and had to hit the brakes immediately. Yeni was a little frightened.

He apologized, he ran his hands over her bare arm and that sent warm chills down her spine. He was still very nervous, his gaze still on the Dodge car in front.

He pulled over in front of her house and so did the red Dodge car. Its driver was rather reckless.

Yeni please don’t step out yet, I need to handle this situation.

This is my house, what situation? Are we being followed? Who is that careless person behind the wheels of that car by the way? Yeni quizzed her smile already melted into a frown

Just trust me and calm down, I got this. he replied

Anthony stepped out and ran over to the red Dodge car, its driver stepped out. It was a woman, a very angry one.

Who could she be? Hmmmm som’n just happen right now

Find out in Part 3!

It’s not what you think I promise lol but who do you think it is?

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