Passion to Profit Online Course

Passion to Profit

Ready to monetize your skills?

If your answer is YES, then I am so proud of you!
A few years ago, I nursed a desire to make money from doing the things I enjoy like writing and public speaking but I was clueless as to how to go about it. I read books and did a lot of research but that really wasn’t getting me anywhere near profit either.

After a while, I decided to face my fears and started to apply the knowledge I had gathered over the years. You see it’s really not about the knowledge you gather but the right application of this knowledge that helps you achieve your goals.

So I put in extra effort, took a few courses to learn the professional side of my skills and then I started to apply it to my business.

Did things change for me?  Oh, it was a complete turnaround!

Today, I can proudly say that I have made well over #500,000 naira from writing. It might sound a little unbelievable but that’s my true story. You will get to know more about my monthly income reports in this course. Yes, I am willing to share it all with you.

In this course, I will be giving you proven strategies on how to take your passion from hobby to a profitable profession.
This course will be tailored to meet your individual needs and you would have room to discuss your personal goals and expectations with me one on one. I am committed to helping you see positive changes in the next one month.

Sounds good to you huh? Then let’s start!

Course Fee: #2,500 only
Mode of learning: Online via 
One on One Interaction via Whatsapp Video calls

I will implore you to invest in yourself and believe me in no time you will begin to see positive results.

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If you have any questions, need assistance or would like to get someone to sponsor you for this course, send me a direct message on Instagram @Lqueentt