PDA: How Much is Too Much?

Well what we have on our plate today is something a lot of people know about, but if you are still wondering, PDA means Public Display of Affection. Women love attention but asides that they want a looooot of affection and it only gets better when you show it in public.

Hold her hands and push her cart in the mall, hold her waist while taking an evening stroll, hug and kiss her at the airport. All that good good loving stuff *winks*.

So I flew back to Gidi yesterday and I could see a whole lot of PDA going on at the airport. The one that particularly caught my eye was this lady, apparently a newly wedded wife sha…I guess. Her husband just returned(don’t know where from),their driver took his bags and the lady ran into her husband’s wide open arms. The man wasn’t dulling at all oo, he yanked her up and kissed her not minding the eyes of the usual anti-PDA older Nigerians. The lady was putting on a very short Ankara dress so it was another view entirely with the way her hubby carried her but I looked on though, afterall I’m a girl too. Lool

I noticed the stares and expressions on the faces of the older people around me, I couldn’t help but laugh. I dey feel that couple jare…dem no send! Especially the lady,biko its not easy to be away from your husband for one week how much more a month or even more.

Married women would agree with me on this right?

But wait oh people, is PDA a taboo in our country? Why are people so afraid or ashamed to show affection in public even when they’ve put a ring on it? Afterall we watch all these Obodoyibo movies na, but in Naija even if you are married with kids some people will still look at you with disgust.

So what’s your take on PDA? You like? Or you’ll rather be conservative in public? Ladies, we love PDA don’t we?

Anyway as for me oh, I like that couple at the airport sha. Makes me remember that Akon’s song “People are watching but we don’t care….” Loool. So can you kiss your hubby/wife/lover at the airport? Or you feel its over the top?

Please share your views and let’s get talking!

Have an amazing week ahead Y’all.



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