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Hey Lovelies!! Ladies get in, we are talking Eyebrows today.

It’s the weekend already! I hope you had a good week? Mine was awesome I got to do a lot of productive things.

We all know how important Eyebrows are to slaying your face, it’s one thing almost all ladies have in common.

If you are just like me, even on days when you want to go Makeup free or for a subtle look you try as much as you can to make those Eyebrows do the talk. Eyebrows have a magical way of redefining your face. You agree right?


Tolu L'queen Oluwaseyi-Daniel the perfect eyebrows lqueenwrites
MY EYEBROW EVOLUTION…see the first one. Chai!



Okay true confession, for the longest time I have been obsessing about my Eyebrows. I have always had very full eyebrows so getting them to be in proper form without appearing bushy was always a herculean task for me.

Thanks to my short apprenticeship at a hair salon in Lagos, I learnt how to trim them with a razor to the right form but drawing the perfect brows became another huge task.

My friends Yinka and Diekolola tried a couple of times to help me or should I say teach me but whenever I tried to do it I always felt like it was never as good as I wanted it to be.

Tolu L'queen Oluwaseyi-Daniel the perfect eyebrows lqueenwrites
Serving face…hehehe

Thanks to YouTube and the tonnes of eyebrow tutorials I watched (although some of them left me more confused about it than ever ) I finally think I’ve gotten a hinge of it.

Now there are 3 facts or lessons I’ll like to state here for people like me who have had a hard time with this eyebrow drama

1. Your eyebrows won’t look perfect every day.

After watching tons of YouTube videos I realised that even the best Makeup artists (Jackie Aina, Omabelle, Dimma Umeh) often talk about those off days when their eyebrows refuse to get into formation… Looool.
So if the gurus have such days, girl please give yourself a chill pill and belax (like little Mila Staffeur would say)

2. Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins

No matter how much you want to slay those brows, the two cannot be exactly the same in shape. Accept it and move on. They would have the same look but they cannot be a 100% identical. Sisters, not twins!








3. The Perfect Eyebrows: It’s not about the tools, it’s the technique

I realized that whether you are using an Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow pencil or our regular #100 naira Davis pencil, it’s the way you do the eyebrows that actually matters.

Some use eyebrow pomade while some use regular eyebrow pencil, I think the most important thing is the end result,  You don’t necessarily need to buy expensive products to slay your face. You will see the basic tools I use to do my eyebrows here, I even use my son’s old toothbrush ..looool. Take me like that biko

This applies to other makeup products too. From primers to foundations to concealers to eyeshadow palettes I feel like the technique is more important than the products used. If you have the money to buy expensive ones like Kylie cosmetics, fenty beauty and the likes giiiirl go for it, but trust me you can still be a baddie on a budget.

Finally, really quick let me show you, this is how I do my Eyebrows now…. See


Tell me about your own eyebrow or makeup struggle in the comments. We all want to serve face these days, innit? Lol



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  1. I definitely know this struggle. I have had days that my brows are so not similar, I had to wipe it all clean. And I have had days were it seems I had just walked our of a make up studio!!!

    You have come a long way mehn, mine is an eyesore…hahahahah


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