PLACE VALUE ON YOURSELF & YOUR PASSION…I Had No Idea I could Make Money From Writing

place value on your passion

Hello, Lovelies,

Do you know sometimes you could be the one holding yourself back? You have that talent, gift or just that thing you are so passionate about and you never really thought about exploiting it to the fullest.

Are you that singer, instrumentalist, comedian, writer or whatever it is you do and you think your passion is just fun and nothing more?

Think again!

It’s time to place value on yourself and your passion. You never know that the things you do for free are big enough to enrich you, until a client asks you what are your packages like? How much do you charge per hour?

Stay woke! Never Undermine your gift!

Issa Podcast!

Listen to my first official writing gig story….it was a dream come true experience for me

In today’s podcast, I’m sharing my personal experience of how I now earn money doing the things I never thought were profitable.

If you want me to share the 3 major side hustles that fetch me money right now and my income report to show you how much I make from each of them every month, drop a comment saying “show me”.

Listen to my story and the shock I got when I gave them my bill and got payment in full.


My Passion to Profit e-course starts in January 2018 it would be a very in-depth tutorial to teach you how to start making money doing the things you love, I’ll share more info about it soon. Limited spaces available.




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