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Pregnancy is certainly one of the high points of  a woman’s life and most women look forward  to experience it. With all the body changes, hormone changes, the pain and discomfort that comes with it, it still ranks high as one of the most anticipated moments for women in married life.


The best thing any man or husband could do is to give his wife full support throughout this period so as to make it a pleasurable and memorable experience for his wife.

No one wants to have to go through this alone so both parents have to be responsible for the child’s wellbeing right from the womb. 

Although men really can’t fathom what the woman goes through, it’s essential that they make efforts to please their wives during this phase.

Here’s a list of 9 things your pregnant wife needs from you| Pregnancy tips

The truth is your woman might not demand all of these but she most definitely expects you to do some or most of these things during and after the 9 months of pregnancy.

1. Be Involved all through the Pregnancy

 It’s very crucial for you to take this time seriously and pay attention to all that’s going on. As a matter of fact, act like you are also pregnant too coz you really are (just not physically). From booking the first ante-natal appointment to reminding her to take her pregnancy vitamins, going with her for ultrasounds or visits to the OB/GYN. You have to make it a priority and let her know you are in it together.

2. Tell her she’s beautiful

Your pregnant wife wants you to tell her she’s still beautiful regardless of the changes in her body. The added weight, stretch-marks, enlarged nose etc. Let her know she’s still attractive and reassure her that this phase of motherhood will pass when she feels insecure about her looks.

to do for your pregnant wife

3.House chores

 If before now, you hardly helped her with chores around the house, it’s time to step it up and assist as much as you can. Also, ensure that she’s not carrying any heavy stuff or doing anything too strenuous during this period.

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4. Prayer

One of the most important things during this time is to pray on the seed she’s carrying right from the womb. At least once a day, place your hands on her tummy, pray for her and your unborn child. There are so many books with pregnancy declarations, find them and use them.

Pregnancy can be pleasurable journey if a woman has the love and support of her husband, here are 9 things husbands must ensure they do.


5. Cravings

Be aware of the fact that she would have cravings, sometimes really awkward ones that might take you miles away from home to find. Understand that it’s a phase and it’s your duty to get her what she needs. During pregnancy I usually have weird cravings, I suddenly crave things I usually don’t like or probably haven’t even tasted before. I craved Korean food a lot during my second pregnancy and hubby always had to go get it. Shoutout to you hunnay! Lol

6. Be Patient

Your pregnant wife might forget things a lot, she might sleep a lot more, she might cry for reasons you can’t understand(that happens a lot. Be patient with her, that’s all you can do right now. Like Steve Harvey said in one of his most recent TVshow episodes(I shared this on my Instagram stories), “if she cries, you cry too. Don’t say you don’t understand, you have to try to understand”.

7. Protect her

There are people in your circle or family who your wife might not really get along with, pregnancy is the time when she’s most vulnerable. Ensure you protect her from people who bring bad energy. Bad energy, stay far away…

to do for your pregnant wife

8. Countdown

Do the countdown together! Celebrate each month of pregnancy she completes together and look forward to the arrival of your child. Go baby shopping together, make the baby’s crib, plan a baby shower for her with her friends if you like stuff like that. I personally do not really like baby showers but if its something your wife likes, by all means, possible do that for her.

 9. Extra TLC

During pregnancy, your wife needs more of your tender loving care. Call and text her often when you are apart, surprise her from time to time, help massage her body, her feet, take off her shoes when she can no longer bend. Fix her emergency breakfasts when she suddenly gets hungry at midnight, drive her to the salon etc. Pay extra attention to her.


Dear Husband, your pregnant wife deserves all the love you can give, remember that taking care of her also translates to taking care of your unborn child. 

From time to time, ask her how you can make her happier. Ask how you can help ease the pain. Be fully present from the first day up until the day of labour/delivery. 

Your wife would love you a lot more!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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