ROI? terms and conditions apply

Wasup everyone…thanks to God for a brand new week. So my thoughts this morning are on return on investment. Return on investment (ROI) is the benefit to an investor resulting from an investment of some resource. A high ROI means the investment gains compare favorably to investment cost. Enough said…

A while ago I was chatting with a male acquaintance , we were talking about the present state of the economy and how one has to be very careful before investing in anything. Due to the current situation the returns might not be commensurate to the cost of the investment . So on a lighter note he said he was also being very careful about his human investment . I laughed at the thought of human investment…my own idea of human investment is when an organisation invests in their employees through trainings, workshops and seminars so that in turn they can put their knowledge into good use for the profit of the organisation. However,what the guy was talking about was quite different, he brought his phone out and showed me a picture of a very beautiful young lady. He said she was his investment and that he has been sponsoring her education since 100 level. He was very happy that the lady is now in her final year but the thought of her going for Nysc scares him. He said he had heard so much about the famous educated rich fine boys who snatch away the sheep that uneducated men like him have been nurturing for years.I asked him if the lady knew his expectations from her after her youth service and he said she should.He said she knows that he wants an educated wife and that’s why he has been caring for her over the years…Mr nice guy!
I made him understand that for every investment there are terms and conditions what they call treasury agreement and that it is very risky to assume that the person you are investing in knows what your expectations from him/her are at the end of the tenor.

It’s important to let people know what your expectations are in a relationship, especially in a relationship where you are more of the giver, except if we want to deceive ourselves only God gives unconditional love. We all are in that friendship, relationship or marriage for some reasons and if after investing so much the other party fails to do their part, then we start hurting. So trust me before you start/ continue investing in anybody please be sure that they are willing to do their own part of the bargain.

That’s the only way you can get return on investment for your time, care,all the shopping,the foreign trips, the expensive cuisine, the monthly recharge cards or BIS subscription,the educational support,the drop offs even during fuel price hike or scarcity the list goes on and on.
If there’s no properly laid down agreement you CAN’T blame the babe if at the end of the 4 year university educational support or whatsoever you have been doing for her she tells you, ‘you are just like a big brother to me’….hahaha that’s when they brother zone you and one other guy would come and eat from where he did not sow….hehehe.

Talk about it now oh!

Those are my thoughts…have a phenomenal week.



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