Dasola has always been this way; right from our first date I had an inkling that she had Trust Issues. I brushed it aside because her beauty had totally blown me away. Don’t get me wrong Dasola is an amazing young lady, I mean very smart and honest. We met at a friend’s wedding in late September 2013 and since then we have pushed together to build a strong bond.

I am an entrepreneur while Dasola works in an audit firm, as an entrepreneur you should understand the kind of financial highs and lows I experience from time to time. Sometimes I have to travel out of the country to get materials and in the end I can’t even really boast of so much profit. This has not deterred me from working harder and tenaciously following my dreams. Sometimes when Dasola wants to hang out on weekends those are the days I really have to work, interior design clients most times ask me to come around on Saturdays because that is the most convenient time for them but it’s not been easy convincing Dasola.

On this very day, Dasola and I had agreed to attend her cousin’s 30th birthday party together and then on our way there a female client called, she said she had just gotten a new place and would be needing kitchen fittings ASAP. I pleaded with Dasola that we would should get to the client’s house before leaving for the party. She reluctantly agreed and we went. After checking the client’s house her neighbour asked to see pictures of my previous works, I hurriedly went to the car to get my work photo-book and on getting there Dasola was already fuming. Even from the sound of her breath, I could tell she was really mad at me.

I said a quick apology and ran back to give the man the photo-book, I told him to take his time and look through that I would be back to get it. I rushed back outside and for my eyes to see the car was gone. Dasola had left!

She left me stranded without my phones and wallet, I felt so embarrassed. I had to beg my female client to lend me her phone. I am not one of those who can have so many phone numbers by heart but for the sake of love, I learnt Dasola’s number by heart. I called her several times and to my surprise she didn’t take my calls knowing fully well that she left me stranded.

My female client, Bolade asked me to relax and wait for her to calm down and that she would be back. I was too tired to even start calling anyone else, I sat in Bolade’s sitting room waiting for my dear Dasola to pick me up but after about 2 hours of waiting I pleaded with Bolade to drop me off at the venue. I couldn’t bring myself to ask her to lend me money. She dropped me off at the venue and I could see Dasola from afar throwing fiery darts at me with her eyes.

I took it upon myself to apologize but Dasola had formed ideas in her head, she just handed me my phones, wallet and car key and walked away. I love her but I really don’t think I can be with someone who doesn’t support my vision and cannot bring herself to trust me.

It’s hard to end the relationship coz I can’t help but think of her. I love her but how can I make her understand?
How do you deal with people that always get paranoid? It can get really crazy sometimes, please share your views!
Do you really blame people that are like that? something or someone could have made them become that way? How do you help them see things differently?

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