Hello Fam, how was ur weekend? Its a new week and we give thanks to the almighty for the gift of Life.

I just wanna share this and know what your opinions are about it. You know we are all one big family of som’n som’n readers *winks*

Some months ago, I noticed one of my contacts was repeatedly putting up the picture of a particular youngman on her DP.

The Nosy little journalist in me won’t let it slide *covers face*, I quickly pinged her to ask how she was doing in other to play down my real amebo mission. Then I told her the guy on her DP was very cute….she blushed and then said I should keep off as the guy was her boyfriend. Toh Shikena, I replied. I had heard what I wanted to hear…but then again I asked how long they had been together and you can only imagine my surprise when she said just a little over a week.

A week??!! And he’s all over your DP all day everyday! Isn’t that too soon? Of course I didn’t tell her that but that was what was running through my head…oh well make we leave matter for Matthias.

But eerm…I’m not saying its bad oh but isn’t it too early to start showing the whole world a new lover of 1 week? BBM and Whatsapp have become a kind of advertising medium through which people display their significant other to the world with all the mushy mushy PM’s/ status messages to go with it. Not bad at all…of course most girls like all that stuff but shouldn’t there be a limit?

I know its normal to have a desire to show off your lover to the world sometimes but when do you think its appropriate to do so? After a month? 2weeks? 1 week?

Ok now…its November and this same contact of mine now has another boo all over her DP. Although he’s not half as cute as the other one, it only leaves me wondering what in the world happened to the other cute boo.

Dear readers, when do you think its appropriate to begin to introduce or show off your lover to your friends and family? Is it ok to begin to put up pictures of him/her 24/7 just a few days into the relationship? Please let’s hear you…share your views!

Awaiting your comments.

Have an amazing week.

Love Y’all,


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  1. Hello dear!
    I personally have a problem with displaying the pictures of lovers and spouses on social networks, execpt in cases where its unavoidable (weddings, engagements). Not only the pictures but also PMs that suggest the current state of the relationship. I see it as immature and frivolous. And ofcourse we know its detrimental to the health and success of that relationship.

    Now to ur question: I can’t state a particular time that is appropriate to ‘show off’ ur spouse, but I’ll say it depends on the seriousnes of the relationship. Hope you know that meeting family and friends does not guarantee the success of the relationship. If putting up pictures is so important to both couple, then it should be limited and controlled.

    Have a blessed week!

  2. Nice writeup L’Queen. I think D issue of advertising one’s “boo” on social apps is mostly done by girls. Some guys do it,but mabe like once in a blue moon. Derz noffn wrong wit it,but it should hav its limit. I don’t think a person should put stuff about their private lives on a social medium. Its not right. D lady on ur bbm dat U talked about…Nawa to am oo! Jus over a week,and shez puttin d guy asif deyre married?! *smh*. We’re cool now yh? Hav a lovely week. ;;) :* 😀

  3. Left to me,I wdnt…buh if I av to,I guess afta a year is fyn by me.. He cd cm up once in a while on ma dp as any friend could


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