Banky W and Adesua sure did break the internet when they announced their engagement earlier this week. It quickly became a trending topic and the story was plastered on the pages of all major blogs in Nigeria, Twitter was on fire, Instagram was set ablaze, all thanks to this beautiful couple who made this love like a movie into reality. Everyone immediately started to famz this beautiful couple including yours truly, Banky is my birthday mate and Adesua also bears Tolu, is that not reason enough to Famz them? Looool Congratulations #BAAD2017

One thing that stood out in the amazing love story of this duo is that, it started from a DM (Direct Message). Guys immediately started sliding into DM’s hoping that they would somehow get the attention of their WCW but you see these things don’t just happen, one has to take his time to plan these wife catching DM’s.

So I thought I should hook y’all up…thank me later.

Follow her: First of all, if you must get a lady’s attention through DM’s you need to be strategic. Yes I said it, be strategic. You don’t just jump into her DM like that; first you must have been following her for a while.

Like her photos: If you are not following her yet just follow her first then start by liking her photos. Don’t stalk her and like everything at once ooh (you go just spoil show) Like the most recent one and then like one of the old ones each day. (One per day) Ah think you are getting it?

Comment on her pictures: No long gist, just sweet words like pretty, cute, beautiful, stunning etc. Use smileys too…Love-struck smiley is your best bet. Don’t go and spoil it with words like Slay Mama, Dope, 100%. Be sweet, be courteous.

Start building an online friendship: with the comments gradually start building a friendship then jejely and courteously slide into her DM.

Example: Hi, I’ve been following you for a while and I really do like your personality. I like the fact that you are fun and yet so enterprising. It would make me so happy if I get a chance to know you better. Pretty please… can I get a number to call?

If she replies then go ahead and ask her on a date. If she doesn’t, wait a few days and drop by with a teary eyed smiley. A nice lady would at least say something after that…the something could be a NO though but there’s no harm in trying. You might be considered next when the present boo messes up! Just submit your online CV to her DM now.

PS: Not all of you will find a boo on Twitter or Instagram. Some of you, your boo is waiting on a queue at the bank, in a BRT bus, in church, at a conference, at a training, at the neighborhood supermarket or drug store, at the airport or at the Cinemas. You should just ask God to open your eyes to see the location of your heaven ordained boo. He knows the exact location even better than Google Maps.

So go ahead and slide into that DM, just do your sign of the cross and then tap that send button!

Good luck guys! Let me know if this worked for you.



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